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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 9:31PM :

...the only thing left for Bushies to say when confronted by the glaring discrepancy of mounting a war against an impoverished Iraq, that has no nuclear weapons...while using "diplomacy" against Korea, which that Saddam must go because he "MURDERED thousands of his own people."

Hell by that standard who'd be left in power? How many of its own Native People did the United States about the three million Vietnamese who we know now never attacked the US...never did a damn thing to it. When it comes to the murder of innocent people around the world...who we demonize and dehumanize so it wont matter...who has done more of it in the last 50 years than the United States?

Saddam is a sweety compared to amateur...barely able to qualify for membership in the imperial and colonial murder club where Britain and the US reign supreme...and look's the same damn murderers, murdering again while they point their bloody finger at a new comer and wannabe like Saddam.

-- panch
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