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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 0:12AM :

for his passion...his courage...his clarity...his moral compass.

On Donahue with Butler and the son of Alexander Haig and some radio nut they threw in for comic relief...the audience clearly on Ritter's side...on their OWN side...unconvinced for the need of any war...willing to see and judge real evidence...increasingly wary of propaganda...unwilling to have, as Butler said, the greatest Democracy become the greatest international crimminal, by flouting the United Nations' Charter...and... a vote on the war, with over 10,000 people responding showed 24% in favor...74% against...2% not sure.

If necessary the US can always step back and lose several other dots until something else happens...but for now at least..people ARE beginning to think about it.

But this war talk is only window dressing and a distraction...dismantling the Constitution...bending it, warping it...continuing an economic system that destroys people and children for the greater good of a handful of billionaires...THAT's the issue...and eventually we're going to have to confront the fact that there is no real way to fix a system that sees people, genes, animals, babies, trees, air,water and life itself as raw materials from which you must extract growth and more growth and more until the entire thing collapses, because people like that have no internal sense of when enough is enough.

They have to be stopped...and campaign finance reform is one way to begin to do it. Today people are rendered so poor and distracted and insecure that all they CAN thing of is their next pay check...and haven't the luxury to wonder, "at what cost". We can be made desperate enough to undo more and more people are breaking down...mass killings...killing their own's that for a trend?

-- panch
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