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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 10:18AM :

I hear Blacks gave that name to whites cause when they went uptown to score drugs in the old days, they'd honk their horns as a signal...hence Honkies.

Africans were dragged to this country in about as degrading manner as about shifting populations those nasty Assyrians did. Once in America, the sunny land of the yatta yatta yatta they were treated worse than animals...naturally the white man had to hate them, they were a constant reminder of all the white man's worst characteristics...every time a white looked at a black, he saw what he, the white man, was capable despicable he was. Nazi prison guards hated themselves too.

But the spirit in the people couldn't be broken, though their bodies were torn and crippled. Years later and the white man's children are dancing to the jungle beat...getting turned on by musicians...getting doped up, running after jazz...what's Rock and Roll but black rythm and soul put through the bleach cycle?

Even today's lottery and legalized gambling was born in the ghetto. Malcolm X ran "numbers" in Harlem...which was a Black crime and pipe dream back everybody's doing it. I can still remember, in the 50's, whites laughing at Blacks who might live in a slum, but drove Cadillacs...and today everybody barely affords a fancy car of some sort when they can't afford a nice home to live in...cause pretty wheels and the feeling of well being they impart are a lot easier to afford than a house...or an apartment.

After sending every black kid out there with a part missing, an ego shattered, self-confidence destroyed, like a leg hacked off...we told them we'd let them into the race, when they forced us to. But they had to run with one leg only...ha ha, cause now it was EQUALITY "special favors" "reverse discrimination".

When some received an artificial leg so they might have a chance, white kids right from the Plantation sued and cried and fought against this "favoritism". "It isn't fair", said Melinda Whiteass in court, "I'm not given a free wooden leg, why should Latifa get one". And it "made sense" to a Scalia. He said..."in a democracy we have to be fair...we were wrong then, and two wrongs don't make a Christian Right."

And they still can't dance.

-- panch
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