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Posted by panch from pool0227.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 10:27AM :

...was the radio bufoon...can't recall his name. At one point, as they were all quaking in their boots for fear of countries that MIGHT have nuclear weapons...Butler said we were right to be afraid...after all, the only country to ever have used them was the United States. At which several people in the audience applauded...meaning they agreed we were hardly the ones to demand no one use them or even have them.

The radio fellow blurted out, "in wartime yes, and I have no apologies for that".

Well now...we all know the definition of war has changed...Bush keeps saying it. The Palestinian people are at war...the Iraqis certainly are...though they do nothing to fight back...just sit there while the world watches them get killed off.

If America was at war...and if it felt justified in killling hundreds of thousands of children and wives and parents of Japanese soldiers...because it did not want any more American soldiers killed...to hasten the end of the war by killing the innocent families, civilians in other words...why can't Palestinians target the families of Israeli soldiers?

Certainly it is state sponsored Terror to kill the families of soldiers...soldiers who are EXPECTED to risk death and injury, but who don't expect the other side to kill their children. The United States didn't use its weapons of mass destruction against Japanese soldiers...they specifically targeted the women and children...while they slept. Who taught whom?

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