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Posted by Assyrian Enema from ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 2:16AM :

In Reply to: Should I laugh, or cry? posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 0:47AM :

These people grew up in dictatorships most of their lives...which leaves you paranoid and suspicious...everyone is out to get you...enemies are everywhere and the friends you desperately need to keep you calm and sane...might not be trustworthy.

What's interesting is that when they leave and come to more open societies...the lesson they come away with is that THEY want to have that kind of wasn't the principle they minded but that they were on the short end. They don't mind tyrrany, actually they rather yearn for that kind of affirmation...they just wanted to be the tyrants...and this means they never really leave Turkey, never renounce that sort of system or way of behaving and reacting...just bring it with them and the best use they can find for a democracy, is to take advantage of it to freely set up a tyranny.

That's why they ban and delete and censor, living in fear...just as if they were still on the look out for secret police. They are "enemy oriented", pre-disposed to see traitors everywhere because that's how they remember being treated, deserved or not.

The lesson some Jews came away from Europe with was how to wipe out their own undesirables.

-- Assyrian Enema
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