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Posted by Assyrian Enema from ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 10:00AM : the same magazine George did about an article that Kurds are descended from the ancient Assyrians. If Christians and apes descended from the Assyrians, why not Kurds? Anyway...there are gems, pure gems in here. Ordinarily awkward language skills don't mean the mental capacities are deficient...I'd sound as stupid in pig-Arabic as this guy does in Weirdlish. In this case, however, as with many of our patriots, who just climbed down from trees a few years ago...there is a solid bond between their dumb ideas and the appropriately moronic ways they communicate really is a can't blame the magazine editor for thinking Assyrians must be fairly illigitimate as well as I said, only our dummies are "proud" Assrins, and say so.


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Written by Ashor Giwargis on 14 Jan 2003 19:51:39:

Dear Editor,

In the article titled "Turkey; Bridge between Europe and the Middle-East", by Nelda Stuck, dated Jan/8/2003, I realized a strange sophism abouth the origin of the Kurds, when Prof. Zekai Nazikoglu said that Kurds are the remains of the Assyrian Civilization !

I wonder how can a professor claim such things when he knows very well that the Kurdish historians through history, and the Kurdish scholars of today assure that they are not Assyrians, especially that Assyrian people still exist after thousands of years in huge numbers in Assyria (so-called Kurdistan), and more than half of the Assyrian people is scattered abroad because of the Kurdish and Arab persecution according to some serious extermination plans to force the migration of the little Assyrian nation from the historical Assyria ( ).

++++There's a sentence to curdle milk. These guys are expert at this kind of "traitor uncovering". He states. as a rhetorical question, an accusation that the writer knows very well what she is claiming is not true...saying how can a writer write like this when, "she knows very well that what she is saying isn't true". You'd have to be a practised liar to think a writer knowingly supresses the truth. It's more likely the writer DOESN'T know she is "deliberately lying", as Ashor claims...because HE'S probably used to writing propaganda...lies by any other name.

From the scientific side, if we take an Intropological

+++God bless you for that one.

look to the Kurds of today, we'll realize that they belong to many races, and the kurdologues

+++Is that like Lincolnlogs?

such as Konick, Lirch, Noldkeh, Hartman, Wizbach did never agree about the origin of the Kurds and others like Bischmakov gave up and couldn't define any origin for the Kurds... And according to the specialists and kurdologues who gave some recognized theories we could realize:

1- The Kurds were nomades who used to move between Zagros mountains in the west of Iran to the Assyrian mountains in north of Assyria (South eastern of Today's Turkey), In an interanional Conference in 1938 which took place in Bruxcell to define the origin of the Kurds (!) the kurdologue Vlademir Minorski said that through history the Arabs used the term "Al-Kurd" to signify the nomades, and even the "Kurds" used to call the nomades by "Kurdi", while the Citizens who were living in stationary locations weither were villages or towns, were known as "Korani" [Basile Nikitine, "Les Kurdes, Etudes Sociologiques et Historiques" Paris-1956]

2- The difference of spoken and written languages: In Iran and Iraq, the kurdish Alphabets are the same used by the Iranian and Iraqi peoples, so kurdish written language is in Arabic, but the spoken kurdish in Iran is "Gorani" and "Sorani", while in Iraq it's "Sorani" and "Kurmanji". And the kurdish tribes in Turkey use the Latino Alphabets which was put by the the kurdish leader Kameran Bedrkhan in Syria during the French mandate in the 20th century, while the kurds of the ex-Soviet Union use the Kerillic Alphabets, and the Kurds of Tongli ("Dearsim" in Persian) in Turkey use the Zaza language.

It's important here to remind that all the mentioned languages deffere from each other by writing and speaking, For the too leadres in North of Iraq (Massaoud Barazani & Jalal Talabani) when they meet, they need a translator because the first speaks the Kurmanji and the other speaks the Sorani.

3- And these nomades that are known today as "Kurds", came with the Mongol tyrant Tamerlane in the 13th century who rewarded the Kurdish chief Aiz Eddine Shir for his help in killing the christians in the Area, by giving him the region of Hakkari (Between Van lake in Turkey and the north of today's Iraq), where the inhabitants were knows as "Asuri" (Assyrians)and this is attested by the Kurdish Historian, the prince Sharaf Khan Al-Bedlisi (the 16th century), [Read "Sharfnameh", by Prince Bedlisi, Vol I, P:88]. And the same Bedlissi is talking about the "Asuri" men who use to travel from Hakkari to Today's Syria and Egypt to work and make money for a living [Same Ref, P: 90]

+++I don't understand this insistance that people can'r be Assyrian, when we have so little proof that we are.

4- The Kurdish historian Ali Sidi Al-Korani is assuring that the Christians of Hakkari (My Forefathers) are the descendents of the great Assyrians who built Nineveh and fleed to those mountains after Nineveh's falling, more than 25 centuries ago ["From Amman To Amedia", By Al-Korani, P: 146, 155, 204]

Dear editor, I hope I could clarify what was hidden in the saying of prof. Nazikoglu, and sorry for some supposed languistic mistakes because of my humble English.

+++Now that's taking arrogance to new heights..."supposed mistakes"???? HUMBLE??? " Humble" would be to get a high school English student to edit your letter, instead of thinking it matters not at all what ytou say, so long as you confound innocent people who never did you any harm with this stuff.

+++Assyrian is as Assyrian does...and possession is nine-tenths...out here in the world. Kurds have been fighting Iraq for years and they control parts of the country. It seems no Assyrian is MORE Assyrian than when he leaves, and the farther away he gets, the more he demands "his" country be given back to him. Try earning the name "Assyrian" for a change.

Respectfully yours

Ashor Giwargis - Beirut

-- Assyrian Enema
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