The Cockroach of Religion

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Posted by Assyrian Enema from ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 11:00AM :

You can't stamp the damn thing out. It's gotten so bad that if you would aspire to be a moral person, you must renounce all ties to any and all religions...doesn't matter which ones or what they claim, because they ALL get down to murder sooner or later.

You can say that without them, people would kill anyway...but WITH them people can be washed clean in a lambs blood when instead they should carry that torment in their hearts forever and not teach their children that there is a way out by calling on god to clean up the mess. We don't let murderers off because they claim to have been forgiven by god, we still expect them to PAY.

Each religion has a God Squad that delights in having a cloak and cover for their murderous ways. If you had a medicine in your cabinet that "worked" sometimes but killed in most'd be better off throwing it away entirely, rather than knowingly administering it to your children, the larger numer of whom you knew would be killed by this "medicine".

There is nothing in any of them valuable enough to offset the harm they do, especially when they chemicals that become deadly when mixed...where they were only toxic by themselves.

Give up this childish wish to live forever...anything "forever" is boring. In your anxiety at being powerless to understand the sublime mystery of life and death, don't accept tawdry explanations suited to morons and half-wits that wind up KEEPING you half-witted and moronic as you try to make sense of "one into three is only one, unless it's two in which case don't forget the Virgin and baby makes five". If you REALLY understand the wonder of it all you wouldn't be placated by such a silly placebo...up on a cloud dancing a jig indeed!!!

Be moral...learn kindness...become decent...learn tolerance and fairness...KILL GOD before he gets YOU!!!

Then you can begin to think about living in peace...or if not, the perfidy and suffering you inflict, and that comes right back to harm your own children...will be your own doing...and you just might begin to grow up and take some reponsibility instead of laying your good deeds, and your far more numerous crimes, at "His" feet.

-- Assyrian Enema
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