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Posted by Assyrian Enema from pool0089.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 1:50PM :

Senator McCarthey died drunk in a gutter in Indiana....out of office, his great Un-American Committee a national disgrace we apologized for much later... disgraced and out of his mind...Nixon was exposed and chased from office, a low level crook...Harry Cohn was a vicious bastard...J Edgar Hoover wore dresses and picked up young boys in toilets...and these guys were deciding who was a TRUE American back then???

Were the rest of us supposed to quit and go back to Russia or Kabul...and leave the country to be defined by them?

Bush and Ashcroft will become a national embarrassment and a joke one day...or we really ARE in trouble...

Are Americans supposed to run, when they don't swallow every lie shoved down their throat?

The people who rule over us have comandeered the government, and are trying their level best to hamstring the Constitution....NATURALLY they're going to parade as ultra patriots...as the only REAL Americans. How ELSE could they have gotten this far?

-- Assyrian Enema
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