Jackie Bares Her Chest

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Posted by nasty pumpkin from pool0135.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 5:59PM :

It was at the state convention in Santa Monica...where I went to get the petition signed about Ross.

The first night at the hotel, as I stood at a table gathering signatures, who walks up to me but Jackie...stunning in a floor length black evening gown...plunging in the back and just about as low down in the front.

Her boobsies were cute...there could be no doubt cause their little heads were poking out, taking it all in. We chatted a bit here and there. Later, as the evening wore on she came back to regale me with a story of how Dr. Ron Michaels had hit on her...with NO help from her at all, the cad. She said he'd asked her up to his room for "room-service"...he didn't specify what the service would be.

Gigglingly she said she told him she was a married woman with two children, the cad!

I don't know why I was supposed to know this...except maybe that I wasn't getting the hints that Jackie is found desirable by others...so what's wrong with me? It also placed Ron in a sort of bad light...or was supposed to, except I've seen her play this card before...Ron would have to be more in love with himself than he is not to notice Jackie languishing all over him. Still, Jackie was determined to have me be the recipient of not-so-nice things about people who were either friends or patrons of mine.

It's a seed she plants for eventual harvest, should she ever have to jerk your chain. It's also a way of making each of us think we are "favored" by intimate things she would NEVER tell another person. Of course I knew she did the same with me to other people...which her letters to Jeff just confirmed.

A year later and I'm on the phone with Ron from Chicago and I tell him I just have to ask him something, to check on Jackie's truthfulness. I tell him what she told me, about the room service and inviting her up. I said I wasn't passing any judgement, was none of my business, and if he and Jackie wanted to service each other's rooms, it was okay by me...but I just wanted to confirm it,

He was a little taken back...I mean how and why did I know this? Whether it happened or not, why would Jackie pass it on? From the way he stammered at first I suspect there was an innocent enough flirtation...even I would comment to her about the amount of her cleavage and if she was advertising for anything she actually wanted to have.

He said he never invited her anywhere. And then he went on to say that he'd stopped taking calls from her. That she would call him at his home to complain about her unhappy marriage...and ask in round about terms if he wasn't lonely all by himself. He got tired of her and just refused to pick up the phone one day.

I don't think for a minute she wanted to leave her husband and children to fly to Ron's side and keep him company, or go up to his room. I am perfectly willing to believe that she would make it APPEAR that this was her thought...just to see how gullible and dumb Ron could be. He isn't THAT dumb. I don't know which is more dishonest and despicable...to actually engage in a tryst...or act in ways to make it seem like you would, if only you would be asked, hint hint.

At the least sign of interest from the other party I'm sure Jackie would do what she did with Ron that night...step back, put a hand to her heart, or where it would be, and say, "oh my, I never dreamed you would act like this...I am a yatta yatta yatta". And she'd say in her head, "Gotcha"!!!

Was Jackie telling the truth? Was Ron? Am I ? Let's put it this way...I was told these things by the two of them. Let them both deny it, for starters...and let Jackie perjure herself some more...this time on the stand. At some point...as happens with all amateur liars, she'll trip over a detail...and I'll be there, so will the jury. If they suspect you once...god help you...Ashur wont.

-- nasty pumpkin
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