He"s Back....Jack!

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Posted by pancho from pool0175.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 7:51AM :

Jackie has told people, I'm sure, that she has been SO burned....So hurt.....So disappointed, for showing kindness and generosity toa tiny sculptor...allowing him into her home...giving him money just to help him out cause she felt sorry for his children...and LOOK what she got in return...her trust and kindness and generosity abused....

Jeff might feel that way as well...about ever writing to an Assyrian woman again...of ever asking for music and books again. Jackie did something to earn the "abuse" she got from me...what did Jeff ever do to Jackie?

What she did to him is what she would like to do to anyone who proves "disloyal"...that sickness we have. All he did was reveal to me what she had written to him...the lies she'd sent depending on him to be won over to "her" side, and keep "their" secrets. Like the things she told me about Dr Michaels, and John Pirali and Wilfred and the young woman I made the small bull for, and several others...like she told another member of her club of things Narsai supposedly said about me. I did what Jeff did...I did what members of her own club did when they checked with me because they wanted to hear it from me. All any of us did was check with each other about the things she was saying in secret, behind our backs.

That's what she's suing us for...and would sue the lot of you if need be.

With the slmest of legal grounds, provided by Shawn and paid for, like every moral high fallutin sentiment you'll get from him, she sued Jeff for two million dollars...knowing and addmitting, through Shawn, that Jeff hadn't done anyhting to her....his real crime was sharing with me what she told him in private...because he felt the stuff was pretty awful and probably didn't want to believe it just on her say so...wanted to at least hear my side.

THAT was his crime...not playing her game. Now she's also charging me with the same...saying that I made false statements about her and Ron, or about her spreading stories about the marital relationship of other people...people she told ME about, but counted on my "loyalty" so I'd keep the slime she shared with me...keep it a secret from the people she was bad-mouthing...stay her "friend", when she hasn't a friend in the world you couldn't buy.

We certainly do have our own definitions for words. Anyone who knows Jackie and believes he or she is a friend of Jackie's, is using a definition of that concept completely at odds with what most civil people mean when they use the word. We're so low down for the most part that being fawned upon, or even barely tolerated by a third undersecretary to the tenth minister of some backwater department...or being allowed to bask in the reflected glory of a Jackie....so bamboozles us, provides us with SUCH a chrarge, makes us feel so "in"...that we overlook all of the ample signs that we're just being diddled...our own insecurities being used against us...

-- pancho
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