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Posted by pancho from pool0174.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 8:53AM :

Looks like "Shwan" that way...like Fanny Brice would pronounce it.

Shawn...get us to court quickly. I am as sick of this woman as if I were married to her. We all are.

I can't imagine her wanting to air this all out in court...can't imagine someone suing cause she got called a bitch and a cunt...but she's your sugar-mommy.

I figure you guys sued Jeff for insurance...a ploy to get him or me to back off...to apologize and let Jackie get away with it...again.

You already have a default judgement you can't collect...so what will you collect from any of this...except more publicity?

The balls are on her wall. I'm hardly going to agree to settle this out of court...not after a year of hard work. What can you hold over my head? That you might consider not collecting the $140,000 on the first judgement? Go ahead...get the money if you can.

All you can do is either drop her suit...which I wont let her do...or proceed, which I'm encouraging you to do. What you MIGHT try to do is bring motion after motion because you know I live in Mexico and have to travel up here time and again each time you do.

Therefore...if you want to serve her interests, which at this point seems poor service indeed for all that cold cash she laid on you, your best bet is to get us into court quickly...no delays. If you do that...I'll get what I want...which is the chance to tell my story to 12 grown ups, in a court of law where they have their own rules and definitions.

I don't think Jackie wants that...wants to make this thing a public spectacle...put it all out there on the public record...people, normal people, don't usually sue over such silly things...it will be a novelty and the courtroom should be jammed. If we have the trial I'll be content with the public record, which as you know, can be re-printed anywhere...and I promise that after the trial, that's ALL I'll ever mention about her again...just post the public record of the trial...warts, swindles, thighs, boobs and all.

We're in the process of moving offshore...if Exxon and the rest can do it, why not pancho? I'm not doing it so I can discuss Jackie's anatomy...but, among other more worthy reasons, to make the point to her that I COULD...make the point to you as well. The lesson Jackie should draw from this, something I'm sure you know already, is to not provide even more publicity and notoriety for someone you claim has insulted or slandered you...especially if nothing serious is at stake.

Jackie is playing at being Assyrian. Her real task in life is to string 12 cars together and take a casual drive through our lives...that's her real work...and nothing has happened to impair that. She was "hurt" only in her capacity as Homecoming Quean...that's all.

But if what she wanted to achieve was silence and anonymity where I am concerned...no word from me or post or comment, then she should have, a. Never tried to damage me professionally, where I and my family live in the first place...b. Never spread lies about me behind my back...or c. Kept quiet and let my anger blow over...recognizing that she had given me ample reason to be angry.

Barring any of that, what she has instead done is inflame the issue by now demanding a public airing of her dirty shorts...something I am more than willing to grant her. And something I don't think she actually wanted to happen...but IF she did, if she really wants a court trial over this stuff...then let's have it QUICKLY and she will get off as easily as she ever has, as she has any right to expect she should.

I know you don't like being lectured by someone for free...I mean by someone who is speaking from the heart , without reference to his wallet. This is highly "irregular" and unprofessional...I screw for love...you do it for money...obviously we don't speak the same language. What does Madame Bovary have to say to Madame Hortense?

Just get us into court and this thing will fade away the fastest it can.

-- pancho
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