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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 10:58AM :

In Reply to: Where Can You Go To Hide Your Head. posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 9:19AM :

It should be abundantly clear that none of these alphabet soup groups are going to do more than embarrass us the rest of our natural, National Days. For all their lofty political titles they are nothing more than sparring Christian sects...each of them convinced they are the true this or that.

They have no solid, sound basis for existing...none. And what they really are they don't own up to so that from the start they're dishonest and deceitful...which anyone NOT similarly aflicted is going to sense right away...there is something "strange" about these so-called Assyrians and Chaldeans and yoyos. They act as if it doesn't matter how hard the world laughs, or turns away in bewilderment. And it doesn't really because they aren't about to attempt anything IN the world, except weep and piss and which case they might as well claim to be French and each and every one a Napoleon...who CARES???

The only way this thing might fly is if enough people walk away from religion...or really and truly submerge it to the point where it becomes a PRIVATE thing, as it should be...and not nine-tenths of their identity.

Either a whole new sort of Assyrian emerges, really and truly free of Jesus and his morphing selves...or what you see in these squabbling monks is all there's going to be.

In the MidEast we'll see Jesus reduced further and further so those poor people can have some peace...and in the Christian West Jesus will grow and grow till he's the only show in town. The children of these patriots born in, or brought to, the West early on will not continue to feel the hatreds to carry around towards Islam, Turks and Arabs their parents came away with. To them an "ethnic" identity based soley on religious lines...and at that consisting of a blind hatred for islam or a blind love for Jesus...which in the case of Islam will not be necessary for life in the West...and in the case of Jesus will be the dominant theme anyway...will mean they can practise their religion freely...ignore Islam as it poses no threat and isn't a part of their daily that in the end being Assyrian AS Assyrians will matter less and less...and all that will remain will be a Christian identity secure AT LAST.

They never WERE Assyrian. They were ALWAYS Christian only. But without the distinction of calling themselves Assyrian, they would have had to be the one thing they hate above all else, even more than they hate Islam...and that would be "Christian Arabs"...and THAT is the sole reason they adopted this "Assyrian" bullshit...which THEY make into bullshit.

There ARE Assyrians and they CAN be Christian....and other things...but only if they do something ASSYRIAN...and I don't mean go to mass...I don't care what language it's spoken in.

It will be for other Assyrians to make sense of this heritage in the modern era...these other guys are back in 1378 AD and 1930 , and 1958. No matter what they try to do, or think they are doing...the very weakness in their position, which manifests itself everytime they that they turned their backs on what was essentially Assyrian long ago, and are pleased as punch about it.

Their very soul, as Assyrians, has been irrevocably compromised. Just watch them.

-- pancho
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