The End Of Christianity.

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 3:20PM :

As the coming of Christianity destroyed so many indigenous people and cultures...the prospect of its being driven out of the MidEast one day soon, brings a soothing calm to the spirit. This religion is already well established in the most affluent, rapacious and bloodthirsty nations in the world...enough is enough.

Far from being the tragedy our boys are making it appear to be, it will be the single most beneficial thing to happen there since it first arrived. It will spare Christians from being used as martyr-bait by their co-religionists who seem to hate them whenever the poor bastards try to live in harmony and peace with the dreaded Muslims.

Islam has until recently shown itself perfectly willing to live side by side with Jews and Christians. But enough is enough...after decades of attacks by Christians and the dumping of Europe's "problem" Jews among them...the ones they didn't manage to cook and eat...the Muslim world would be far better off if there were no more Christians living there. No need to kill them or persecute them...just let them go to Chicago and Ceres.

The added advantage to all of us will be the eventual diasappearances of those who cause us so much grief in their petty in-fighting. In the Christian West these people will find less and less to tout as Assyrian, because they'll be happily playing at Christian...their one real aim in life...aside form being given a teeny weeny little Christian Oil Rig in the MidEast, which will never happen.

They do nothing Assyrian...they say nothing Assyrian...they know nothing Assyrian. It's all, "Mar One and Mar Two" and which language was first, second or the bible that is. They are for the most part illiterate where real Assyrian history is concerned....their sole interest in the name at all being that it keeps them from being called Christian Arabs...which they are, If all Muslims in the Mideast are "Arabs"...then all Christians there would have to be Christian Arabs...a name they hate because it's they rankle at most simple truths.

What will remain is an Iraq at peace with itself...if it can resolve the Kurdish issue...which is difficult enough without five Christians adding their chatter and demands. In that Iraq there will be wealth and prosperity again and for us Assyrians outside, Iraq will become the greatest open air museum where our ancient treasures will be cherished and protected, studied and shared with the world. What could be better?

In the West, our patriotic Christians will retreat to heaven...they will disdain any involvement in heathen remembrances of a time before we turned Christian...and leave the field open for those of us not interested in which religion dominates...but instead in how we might re-invent an Assyrian Heritage free from all religions or embracing them all...but getting down to our survival in the modern era...outside the MidEast...a goodly challenge all by itself.

Get Christian Assyrians OUT of the Mideast and Save Us All Headaches, Lives and Embarrassment!!!

-- pancho
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