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Posted by pancho from pool0006.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 4:03PM :

...when none of the five Assrin Patriotic Fronts, each with seven members, gets any of their "demands" met? Will they re-evaluate the basis upon which they made those demands? Will they go on retreat and commune with their souls? Will they seek some better method for the next time? Will they feel they were ill-prepared and perhaps go study not only their own history but the history of the world and how other people have fared? Will they possibly come together...work out a compromise agenda and strive to be better understood in the future...and just maybe attract a gerater following if they prove more tractable...allowing and encouraging new blood to enter in...even to dominate the agenda with better ideas etc?

Or will they turn on each other...denounce each other as traitors needing Baatheys...will they villify each other's mothers sisters daughters and sons and fathers and husbands? Will they call each other in the night to ruin the strongest one among them...the one who caught most of the public's attention? Will they call people outside their loopy loops and "expose" each other...and in every other way imaginable work assiduously to get rid of their "competition" so that the next time they'll stand a better chance of winning...because there wil be "unity"? Or rather because no one will be left to oppose them?

Which is more likely...faulting ourselves for the poor showing we make, or blaming each other... and then the other side...then some enemies...then god...Is it more likely we'll question our notions and programs and "facts", or denounce the stupidity of those we failed to impress?

The poop doesn't fall far from the National Diaper.

-- pancho
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