Africa Is Next

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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 0:05AM :

Years before Iraq was attacked the first time...there was a shift in emphasis and direction in America...away from Soviet villians to Muslims "extremists". There were articles in newspapers about "quaint" Islam...a report here and there of some deplorable incident in a backwater in Islam somewhere.

We were being readied to perceive that world in new and different ways. The same is beginning to happen with Africa. You'll see more articles planted about the "sad"...or "sorry"...or "dangerous" conditions in Africa, and I don't mean AIDS.

Africa is incredibly is beautiful, it can be "saved". The Colonial powers fucked those people over starting with the slave trade 400 years ago, the Asiento...and they aren't done yet.

They haven't let up since. Africa is being kept as a last a new sort of neo-neo Colonialism in which the Western Christian no longer controls things directly..."who me"? But work behind the scenes with cooperative thugs who will one day be declared rogues...who till then will do the white man's bidding...while catching all the Saddam does for the Sanctions that America inflicted on get oil, and nothing but oil, from the country...and give them subsistance any slaves of a Pharoah.

You'll see.

-- pancho
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