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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 10:52AM :

In Reply to: A great interview...from Zinda**** posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 8:26AM :

Man, when the day comes that Germany is looked to for peace and the United States is the despot in the world...we've come a long way baby.

Good for the man...told it like it is. Any number of Assrins will be denouncing the Bishop..."Chaldeans are NOT first...we came first...says so right there in, "Aprims Handy Guide To Aprim".

In America Blacks were Free after the Civil War..and we all know how much that freedom was worth. It's been almost 150 years since that day and we have whites still insisting that Blacks are Free and should be treated equally...when as a people they've been treated most shamefully for a few centuries.

You don't beat and break a contestant in a Race...then announce that he or she is "free" to run against the best pampered white boy you have. This is the Master's kind of logicique...makes no sense anywhere else.

What good are freedoms you can't benefit from? Freedom in and of itself is worthless...devil in the details. There isn't religious freedom in Iraq as the West defines it because in the West religion is either window dressing or Tammy Faye Baker and her travelling eyebrows. Any kind of religion is tolerated because none of them are genuine or even close. The Religion of the ruling class in America is Greed...the rest is smoke.

No one stops Christians from doing their thing in Iraq...our boys just keep pushing till they offend someone because they want to spark an "incident"...use religion as an excuse for other things, as the West has so often done there and still is.

You want to talk to Jesus in Baghdad...go ahead. If you think the Evengelical Tent Show is going to be allowed into Iraq...which is what they're aiming at...picking the most noxious brand of Christian muck...and insisting that it's a "religion"...a Christian one no absurd and they don't want any part of it...Muslims see them for what they are if we don't.

America isn't a free country either,,,it's a contolled country with a prescribed set of behaviors labelled "Free". Like water in a swimming pool isn't water, it's a "liquid".

Anyway...good for the Chaldean Bishop.

-- pancho
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