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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 11:17AM :

In Reply to: Sanningen om PelaFadime är helt annat än DN-s posted by Leila XXX from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 9:51AM :

I went to the site...there are articles about innocent people being hanged and shot and imprisoned and beaten...about women being denied basic human rights and the rest of it. No one says so but it's a Christian site...most likely Evangelical.

You have to study the Evangelical's a fascinating phenomena. In the first place they aren't Christian...not the way we think of the term. In fact they're very like the early church...and they survive because, as with Christianity in the beginning...they are useful to Governments.

It isn't an accident that this church is spreading most rapidly in countries rich in natural resources. They are a growing force in Latin America, in the MidEast, in any backward region the White Man has been attacking and robbing for decades.

The cover for further theft and assault will be provided by the Evangelicals...they do it by highlighting abuse in those countries...appearing to be on the side of the victims...seeming to be interested in justice and freedom and quality of life. They aren't. They are a political arm disguised in their own of Christian syrup...but they get their strength...their access, their license from governments who will step in to "save" them when the going gets tough. And all they'll say is, "what? We were just doing Christ's work...exposing political corruption and the rest of it".

This is the reason Muslims don't trust missionaries...and these Evangelicals are nothing more than the old style missionaries on speed. There are any number of crimes being committed in Muslim countries...(any number of fanatics who have been outright creations of ours as a result of the inexcusable meddling the West has been guilty of for ages now. It's easy to get the same fundamentalists at home...just deny bored children any education of culture and plunk them in front of the a few years you'll have redical, fat, dummies.)

Moderates, never mind liberals, have been hunted out by our stooges...or the kinds of leaders we've paved the way for.

You can get instant funding from Uncle Sam if you present yourself as a Muslim extremist group dead set against "liberalizing tendencies" in current Muslim's the CIA's oldest trick.

These crimes in Islam will be the excuse used one day to justify the theft of more resources...of course we'll bring our own brand of justice and freedom to those countries...and we'll bring our "enviable" lifestyle and vaunted values too. There may not be any nation in the world today capable of destroying the United States...doesn't have to be. We are killing ourselves much faster than anyone else could...we are stifling our children much faster. There is no mney for schools and health care but the country will borrow 200 billion to fight a war. Our leaders and TV show hosts rob their own people whenever they can and life is increasingly hollow and constrained...though we are as free as you'd want to be.

Just imagine the world all living by American rules and enjoying American freedoms and having an American lifestyle. Either that or imagine people living as virtual slaves in countries whose resources we want. For such a wealthy country...there does seem to be an awful lot of poverty...and it's becoming the "way of life" for more and more people.

Jesus is just an excuse to rob people...the same reason the Romans became Christian...and Muslims know that. Let the Evangelicals attack the prison system in this country...let them shut down executions here...let them bring justice to our system, let them raise money for legal defense for poor people in America...let them flash pictures of families living in dumps in Boston...let them shame America and demand Christian kindness be prcatised towards our own.

Instead their eyes glaze over and they go out into the world to do Jesus and Chase Manhattan and Exxon's work for them. Christian my arse!

-- pancho
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