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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 11:29AM :

I've got way too much spare time on my hands up here...waiting for court on the 21st. The devil finds work for idle hands they say.

Back in sunny Mexico I'll get busy doing something else.

Still crude as the points of view are...they need to be spoken. It's amazing how in a country that brags about freedom, you can be shut down by the oridinary citizen where the government will leave you alone.

Americans as people are terrified of freedom. There doesn't have to be a censor on every block because most everyone has had his or her mind laundered clean...and they don't want any intellectual stains on the clean slate inside their heads.

Americans are Free, like a lobotomy victim is "Happy". They may smile and nod and stare pleasantly into space and never ever let a wrinkle cross their serene faces...but that isn't a smile...that isn't joy...that isn't peace of's cutting half the mind out to produce something else entirely.

Same with American freedom. The things you are free to do...also happen to be the things you have no choice but to do. Of course you can go against the tide...the "Free" tide...but you'll pay the price..."freely". That was true of Nazi Germany as well...where things ran very well, very smoothly, at first and people were "happy" and "free" was a socialist state after all with free vacations and the best benefits of any nation in Europe at the time. And they stayed that way only so long as they were able to rob other countries of their resources and quietly enslave other populations. When that well dried up the whole mirage collapsed.

Ignorant, frightened and well kept people can never be free. They're just free to think they're the zombie's ain't the real thing.

-- pancho
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