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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 4:50PM :

If you all don't want to think about Christianity and the dangers it poses to world peace and stability, go ahead...if you only want to consider Islam as being filled with fanatical extremists hell bent on Murder, while you ignore all the good and decent things in Islam, go ahead...if you want to think ONLY of the warm and fuzzy "Christmas aspects of Christianity" because you like presents and it's YOUR pet fantasy, while you ignore all the murder and rape and theft it has condoned and sanctified and participated in...go ahead.

Go ahead and allow the venal, cynnical politician/businessmen who use Jesus and the dummies of the Right to gain power and wealth at everyone's expense...go on let them hide behind Christianity as power hungry people always have...starting with Constantine...let them take us all to Armageddon...delivering us there all smiling and starry-eyed like the children they took to Buchenwald's oven's with stuffed bears in their arms...go the dumb fucks all you want to...not me, and not my children way.

All over Africa the Eveangelical movement is butting up against Islam...offending it and inflaming it's SUPPOSED to do. This isn't the first time Christianity is used to lay the groundwork. It's only benign and sweet to you Christians. To the poor and oppressed and resource-rich non-Christians of the is a serious, brutal threat. They don't see its Kindler gentler side...they see it as the wedge, the can opener that provides the cover, the camouflage so the Marines can come in later. Even in Latin America, which is Christian...the United States has used Christ as a wedge issue...but the old style missionaries are lame and ineffective they need Evangelicals...those zombies from hell...who will win a few converts but disgust the majority and sure enough an "incident" will occur...or Christians will be slaughtered by Muslims...having gone there and converted and egged on and paid off people to create just such confrontations...the armies of the Christians will march in after provding whatever "reason" is lacking.

The United States has been infested with religious fundamentalists and they are being encouraged and offered every vouchers and they can produce more of an Army of God.

These people are NOT Christian in any sane definition of the word. But since when do we understand much or care to get to the underside of issues? You gets what you deserves.

-- pancho
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