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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 0:47AM :

+++It seems the letter to Georg Bush has sparked some dismay...we're slightly aware that we look foolish...


I have high respect for GHB and their affiliates. But this letter is totally inappropriate and stupid. Having a more aggressive and radical demands for Assyrians is something and discrediting other Assyrian groups and personalities at this crucial times is something else.

I understand your concerns about future of Iraq and the possibility of announcing Aslam as official state religion. I share that concern with you as well.

+++Okay, here it comes. He is concerned about Islam...and below he juxtaposes Assyrian interests against Islamic interests. "Assyrian" is not a religion...Islam is. Unless of course we're addmitting the truth, that to us our ethnicity is defined by our religion. TaTa!

This will open the dore for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq and perhaps more outflow of Assyrians from there.

++++Islamic fundamentalism is no friend to Islam Christians have been very happy to kill other Christians. Islamic fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism can be placed in the same equation...or the Assyrian Muslim and Christian Assyrian can be placed in the same equation. But not Islam and Assyria...not unless "Assyria" is just code for Christianity...which is indeed the case...and the reason we've gotten our Christian asses kicked to hell and Chicago.

But you could have expressed this in a more intelligent and appropriate way without discrediting ADM.

+++There IS no intelligent way to express such an absurdity...that's the PROBLEM...that's the secret and missing piece of the puzzle we are. We have confounded religion with ethnicity...we are all Assyrians...the religion and language are secondary. Christians have made religion paramount and that has screwed us up from the start and it's the reason we're nothing but clowns whenever we venture out into the world...and the MAIN reason we are so ineffectual AND so terrified that some Assyrian will get it right and all eyes will be turned on her or him...leaving us shut out for ever and ever.

That's why we snipe at and attack each other...that's why an Assyrian falling behind in a race in which another Assyrian is gaining the lead against all comers...will rather trip the Assyrian who promises to take the lead...better anyone else win than an Assyrian "I don't like" who might steal the show...usurp the title...that's why we don't come together, why we don't help each other, why there will never be any unity.

+++When I met Ross in debate, Hanna said why should we have come support "YOU"...what did you ever do for us? It's okay to let Ross get away with it...and any number of people like him...but it is NOT okay to stop Ross if the person doing it isn't the kind of Assyrian YOU like...doesn't say the right things...never mind all the wrong things a Ross says.

+++We are set on fighting each other...not anyone opressing us, because to tell the truth there IS no one opressing us but US. Peter will rummage around in his closet to find 987 AD and 1234 AD...but that's just so he has an excuse for his miserable self. Our real goal is to destroy each other...compliments of Christianity.

+++ There isn't anything we want to build...we have no need of pulling together a large and talented work crew...we have nothing for them to do. We just want to be first in Christ's eyes and put out the eyes of Muhammad...that is our National Question Diaper.

+++madness...sheer Christian, village, tre- dwelling, madness.

You correction and explanation is needed from your side.

Tony Khoshaba

+++There can be no correction...not ever. Not unless you guys take the blinders from your eyes...there will only be a steady decline...which is fine by me cause most of you guys are an embarrassment and just get in the way.

-- pancho
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