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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 10:00AM :

In Reply to: The Armenian Way #1 posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 9:42AM :

I don't see the big deal in the Armenian Genocide...I mean in owning up to it. The Turks can say they were just following the lead of the Americans and Brits and the Germans, all Christians, who showed the way by slaughtering countless people they deemed undesireable.

They can point to 500,000 dead Iraqi children starved by America...what's the big deal? Do the Turks actually believe that they, among all the murdering nations in the world, or among their neighbors, have anything to be sorry for?

Is there a justification for war? Is there? Then there is also ample precedent for "security measures" too. Thanks to Germany Europe lost millions of people killed, starved, raped, experimented on etc. What is the big deal with the Armenian massacres? Is Europe shy all of a sudden? Why do the Turks allow themselves to be pounded by the West over this?

They should call for a conference on Genocide: "How To Avoid The Next One". Because the next one is going on right Iraq.

They should have sessions to discuss Jim Crow and American lynchings which went well past the First World War...they can discuss the legal executions of people of color that still go on here. They can question the Brits about their role in India which also lasted well beyond the date of the Armenian massacres.

And of course...they can question America about Vietnam and the three million innocent Vietnamese they murdered all based on a lie by their president back the lies this one is getting ready to use to justify his own war.

In fact...after such a conference concludes, the Turks will feel a whole lot better knowing what they will about the West and its deplorable record on Human Rights. We just have better PR...that's all. They'll also enjoy watching America squirm as it tries to justify its manifest and countless murders...even to setting up Israel as a client hit-man.

I suggest the Turks embrace all of their history...admit it, and get over it. In the full scale of just wasn't that big a deal. I wish it was...I wish it was now in Iraq, or had been in Vietnam...but that's the way we function, us humans. Turkey has a lot more to be proud of than be ashamed any nation I suppose.

-- pancho
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