Roughing Up The Humanities

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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 2:53PM :

I wonder how we could maintain the idiotic notions we have about what's wrong the world...such as other people envy us and decide to kill themselves in the process of raining on our parade...or what the remedies global markets...more Capitalism etc...if we didn't have the kinds of schools we do.

It's the early stages of education when you need the absolute best...we get the absolutely worst and most mediocre. Then, after numbing and zapping most kids we grudgingly make available five colleges where a few simply brilliant professors hide out and it costs you thousands of dollars to get in to study with them.

Meanwhile the zombies that were spit out at the lower end go to the polls confident they understand all they need to in order to bomb other people into dust or compliance...with smart weapons preferably that will wipe out the offending people but leave the resources intact and uncontiminated.

In the wealthiest country there isn't money for the Humanities, the Classics, art and music has become even more of a canned good that's draining the curiosity and life-blood out of minds that should be eager and bright.

No wonder the White Man is worried for his darling white assed kids...they're out at the mall rolling around while the Darkies are in the least for the first two generations till the rot sets in.

But there is always money for sports...and Bill Gates will hand out computers and we'll all go off to work till the day we get retired out the back door.

And though we are free he American leaders of the 60's...all essentially talking about justice and fair play and the devastating effects of racism and poverty, were all assassinated.

People are free everywhere to speak their minds...and they can get killed or lynched or jailed for it anywhere too. If the government won't do it the FBI will find some individual to do it for the government. What's the big difference we should all be pointing fingers at others?

-- pancho
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