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Posted by Rolff Dusseldorf from ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 4:34PM :

Flash: In Chicago police were called for a domestic disturbance on the Northside. A Mr. BetBasoo was taken into custory for disturbing the peace, assault and verbal mayhem. Police also arrested a Native American of the Illini tribe known as "Takes No Bull" for trespassing.

It seems the Illini Tribe has recently produced a long lost treaty signed by tribal elders and the territorial governer of the region before statehood. The treaty, granting a section of the north shore around Lake Michigan to the tribe in perpetuity was also signed by the president of the United States and the Congress in 1801.

The treaty was misplaced when the tribe was chased off the lands granted to them by the government fifteen years later. The surviving members were reloctaed to Oklahoma, then New Mexico and finally in Arizona where there wasn't anything the white man wanted at the time.

"Takes No Bull", being the leading elder ,returned to the site where that portion of their original tribalal land that belonged to his forbears is located only to find the home of a Mr. Peter BetBasoo had been built on it, as well as a neighborhood park. The Native American said he had no problem with the park, that it was good that children have a place to play in peace, but he really wanted to return to some portion of his ancestral lands...promised to his tribe, in writing, by the great government of the great democracy of the United States.

Takes No Bull made his position known to Mr. Bet Bassoo who proceeded to beat the poor man senseless until neighbors called the police. An indignant Mr. BetBasoo told the police he'd already been dispossed once, 1250 years ago in Iraq and he'd be damned if he'd be forced off his land again.

Mr. BetBassoo is a stalwart member of the Assyrian community in Chicago and president of the "Greater Council of Illinois For The return Of Rightful Lands to Indigenous people, In Iraq". In fact at the time of the altercation he was hosting a meeting of fellow member all of whom are anxious for the United State's government to secure their rights to their ancestral Iraq.

"Takes No Bull" was transported by ambulance to the hospital and will be charged with trespassing. Mr. BetBassoo was cited and released on his own recognizance. A hearing will be held to determine which one of them is sane.

R. Dusseldorf

Hamburgerburg, Germ

-- Rolff Dusseldorf
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