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Posted by pancho from pool0344.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at 4:48PM :

You notice the absense of any serious, credible historians on these talk shows and news shows? Anyone at all who can put this in a larger context...like the World maybe...instead of some lab for cloning ideas.

Instead they give us blow-dried pundits of the moment you never heard of...celebrities of today who haven't any knowledge at all of what they're talking about. Besides which, everyone is shouting at everyone else... so all you come away with is an unflattering impression of a lot of children fighting over a piece of pie or a toy.

These guys are "spokepeople"...that's all. Put a suit on them and a newsy backdrop...shoot them from several angles, get the graphics right and generally jazz the thing up like an MTV event and you've got people half-way there to believing they're watching "News".

And they know they're fucking with our heads because many of them now say something like.."We just put the facts before you and let YOU decide...fair and impartial...that's us."

Sure...you bet. Tell it again.

-- pancho
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