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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 10:27PM :

In Reply to: Dr. Strangelove posted by Melody from ( on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 10:13PM :

: Now is the time to watch this Stanley Kubrick classic. I think the movie is also subtitled 'How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Bomb'. Then we can remember how silly all that hysteria was about the red scare.

After reading the following web site full of beautiful poems I was inspired, just this afternoon, to write my own. I was going to keep this private but since you haven't posted here in a long time I might as well share this since it's nice to hear from you:

It is untitled, in case you were wondering.


I will not go to Baghdad
to fight an unjust war

they say the draft might yet return
the presidentís a whore

sold his soul long ago,
along with the other government crooks

politicians, senators, congress people,
and their buddies who cook the books

the oil men, the enrons, the worldcoms, those liars
these politicians will do anything to please their buyers

I canít stand to watch tv anymore
the war drumbeat beats on

Is this really news at all, or deliberate misinformation?
paid for by the same companies that lay off thousands of hard working Americans
and fake being patriots for this nation

the military-industrial complex has spun out of control
like the great sorcerer who conjures up his magic up from a hellhole

the people have no power anymore
government has run amok
disregarding the peopleís wishes and sayingÖ
ďwe donít give a fuckĒ

to her boyfriend who is of the age
my cousin does entrust
that ďIíll visit you in CanadaĒ,
because they know the war is unjust

He and I will dodge the draft,
though we werenít alive during Vietnam
but we have learned from the mistakes of the past
no more killing, no more a-bomb

I saw an antiwar protest on CSPAN and I hereby do submit
back to the 60s we retreat, to protest this bullshit

the biggest rally since Vietnam?
No, could it be true?
they came from all walks of life
atheist, child, grandma, muslim, and jew

In the 50s we had McCarthy
and that beautiful red scare
now itís back again, repackaged
citizens beware!

A war to end all wars they think this will be
Christianity vs. Islam, a terrible showdown
Bush and Ashcroft think they are doing Godís work
- angels and cherubs
Look, itís raining cats and Arabs!

-- Jeff
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