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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, February 07, 2003 at 5:26PM :

In Reply to: Food is food... that's why I weigh so much. posted by Hungry in Detroit from ( on Friday, February 07, 2003 at 4:04PM :

: : : Anybody know if one exists, and if so, where to obtain one?

: : +++ This week I use an Aramean one ...

: If the book is worthy, send it to me. Or, are you making a joke and it went right over my head?

+++ No, no joke intended.

If there was ever any irony intended then only for these reasons:
A few days ago we/my family had just invited our Aramean friends who brought a sampler of old recipes hand-written in Syriac – joy of joys ! - but in a mixture of Western and Eastern dialects - sigh.

+++ So while we men were breeding on the higher secrets of decipherment, terminology and grammar – the Ladies simply took fun in preparing the meal out of a mixture of tradition, hearsay, happy guess plus a little inspiration altogether with a never missing sense for culinarian accidents (they giggled so long that the traditional Assyrian/Persian bottom crust burnt way too much upwards).

+++ Jeff, just because it’s only a manuscript I can’t send you this very "book" we use for now, but I know of some other ones – published by the Aramean organisations here in Germany which BTW are so much hated by the Assyrians (even if often being of the same family!)
In case of interest I’ll send you the relevant bibliographic data.

+++ A final thought:

So, you “weigh so much“ ?
Come over here to Germany & you'll be the my special guest student in my martial arts school.

That will surely bring down your weight in the shortest of times & and will more surely refresh your mind.

That unfortunately not being possible for now, I’d suggest the following:

Ask your Assyrian med docs for developing a dieting booklet especially for Assyr/Chald/Syriacs/Arameans (….)

a) focussing on the special physiological-mental needs of your people (as far as not corrupted by US food and drugs

and therefore

b) mainly based on the true traditional wisdom (!) of your people but never leaning on the basically only materialistic-oriented and fake folklore of Assyr/Chald/Aram/Syr nationalists aping the Western stuff.


I hope that wasn’t too much of an irritation for you.


-- andreas
-- signature .

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