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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 8:33PM :

In Reply to: "This forum" ?? posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 7:52PM :

: : Andreas,
: : Keep in mind that this very forum is the subject of a $4 million (USD) law suit.

: +++ First the good news: The USD is falling into the abyss.

I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe I should convert my currency to Euros?

: Thus suing and counter-suing against some dickheads in the "New Nighted States of Ummica" will soon be an affordable fun for Europeans.

(Jeff smiles)

: +++ "This forum" ??
: Please, explain.
: In what way should this forum be involved in your and Fred's juridical adventures?

Well, you see Andreas, in the complaint that I have in my hand which lists Fred and I as parties in this lawsuit, the main evidence is over 300 pages of copies posts from this very forum. Nothing else on BUT the discussion forum is what concerns Mr. Leuthold et. al, so by your offer to help financially you would be putting yourself at risk of being sued.

: : If I were you, I would hesitate to get involved, or else Mr. Chiang-Ching Leuthold might pull out his International Shoe and throw it at you.

: +++ My affiliates in the US say he won't have any shoe left at all anyway if he continues to make so blatant mistakes for his clients.

(Jeff nods in agreement)
- by the way, who are your affiliates??

: +++ And: What means "get involved"?
: You have no idea of internet and international law, have you?

Andreas, you are asking me if I have no idea "of internet"? I am the internet king. As far as international law goes, I was just trying to explain to you that if they went out of their way to sue me for giving fred a small amount of advice in making this site, that if you were to contribute financially to it, they would most definitely sue you as well.

: : Regarding HTML, it is disabled because Mr. Fong recommends as such for security reasons. Message boards in general are more vulnerable to hackers when html is enabled.

: +++ Mr Fong not good at security ???
: Not expert he is ??

The Mr. Fong Device, as I understand it, was built by Linux gurus who made it almost invincible. They warned that if html is enabled, the board becomes far less secure. That is all I meant.

-- Jeff
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