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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 9:05PM :


: Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however,
: regardless of how many academic degrees
: these authorities may have, they cannot back
: up their claim with evidence.

***Unfortunately neither can we. You cannot prove either that Assyrians only became Christians... just as you have no authority or basis upon which to decide who can and cannot be Assyrian, what they have to do to satisfy you...or anything else. Those who live in glass ziggurats shouldnīt throw stones. But a few degrees wouldnīt hurt...donīt be afraid if you discover that there is no proof for their view OR yours.

They are
: stating their eroneous opinions 2,600 years
: after the fall of Nineveh, which distorts
: their historical vision,

***These people donīt deal in "vision" guys are blinded by it. They deal with facts. You have nothing but your feelings...well at least act the part...Assyrians were among the brightest, not the silliest people on earth.

and they have
: overlooked two important facts that easily
: refute their position. First, the, Book of
: Nahum in the Old Testament, a collection of
: five poems on the fall of Nineveh, were
: written immediately before and after the
: event. Nahum witnessed the Fall of Nineveh,

****If you are going to cite a Jewish history book then Iīd say you were barking up the wrong Jew to begin with. Read the cuneiform texts from Nineveh instead and youīll see that Assyrians NEVER got their marching orders or their opinions about themselves from the Jews...quite the opposite actually. Because you got your religion from Jews doesnīt mean the rest of us have to take their historical writings for gospel.

: therefore, who is the better authority,
: Nahum or these retarded Dutch imbeciles?

***Neither...what a silly question.

: What does Nahum say?

***Why should that concern us...just because in this instance a Jew in that book says something you like? What about the rest of the crap in that book about the Assyrians? How come you donīt tell it ALL? Thatīs only one critical diference between you, Ferd Aprim and the rest of you who donīt need no stupid degrees and scholare and real only pick and choose and tell what suits your fancy and plays to your prejudice...and as long as you do that AND are so damn proud of one serious is going to take you seriously. It may be that only through ignorance and narrowmindedness can you maintain your Assyrian identity...what a comment. We can do much better than that...weīre going to have to.

He is speaking to the
: Emperor of Assyria as Verse 18 of Chapter
: Three begins and he very clearly states, I
: quote: "Your people are scattered on
: the mountains and there is no one to bring
: them home again." To this we have only
: to refer to the well documented facts from
: as recently as the years preceding World War
: I, that it was mainly the Assyrians of today
: that have occupied those mountains to the
: north and east of Ancient Assyria since the
: Fall of Nineveh in 612 B.C. Now this is
: irrefutable evidence that the Fall of
: Nineveh did not destroy all of the Assyrians
: and that they escaped to find refuge in the
: mountains where our people have lived since
: that time up to the present. There is other
: historical evidence to lend further support
: this fact, but I will only mention one more
: piece of critical evidence which is the
: prophetic verses in the Book of Isaiah,
: Chapter 19, which clearly states that
: Assyria, Egypt and Israel will eventually
: emerge in the future to become a blessing to
: the whole world. That hasn't happened yet.

***There are many errors in prophecy...the utter ruination of Egypt didnīt happen either, as Isiah also predicted...and there are other examples. Thatīs hardly the "last word"...even a Jewish last word isnīt the last word.

***Our people do indeed survive till today...they are to be found all over the MidEast and there are far more of them who are Muslim than there are Christians...they just have a lot more in addition to their glory days as Assyrians to be proud the magnificent civilization of the Muslims centered in BetNahrain.

: StarDrifter (Asshur)

***Come in for a landing sometime.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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