Star Drifter Crashes at aina

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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, February 09, 2003 at 6:56PM :

At the end of a seemingly benign string of posts all about Assyrians, values, morals, Jesus Christ and the evils of freedom... and after receiving heartfelt thanks from several posters...drifter ends thus...


I appreciate your compliment. Thank you. I hope that any future posts I make will not disappoint you. My primary motivation is the same as everyone else who contributes to this forum, primarily, statehood for Assyrians.

***There you have it. It sounds fine until then. Statehood for his kind of Assyrian means a Christian State...and that will lead to all the horrors and more weīve been experiencing in the name of this same Jesus...and the way the West has been able to snooker us by holding us captive to the idea that they are going to take care of us Christians.

***There will never be a Christian Assyrian state. There is a Muslim one now...and our Christians are going to have to learn to make the best of it...or leave, as this drifter and so many have. Yet when they leave, they arenīt content untill theyīve found someone to blast those who remain into kingdom come.

***It isnīt a political philosophy at is Christian envy and zealotry hiding behind a political, a "National" mask.

***That it wont happen is obvious...but the willfull damage done to the chances of those people back there to live in peace and harmony is the really ugly thing that these guys want to perpetuate and make worse.

I am equally concerned about their safety and providing for their material and spiritual needs. If we can unite, as a people, with common interests, then I am confident that we will eventually achieve our goals.

****This is all code for "come together under Christ"...which by definition they will never be able to do. Having sacrificed so much pride and honor and dead children to this or that version of Jesus...which of them is going to compromise?

***In a secular state people can be what religion they Iraq has been and could be again if the West would leave it alone. In the kind of nation under Christ these sorts of Assyrian Christians promote, they canīt even agree on one kind of Christ...let alone tolerate any other religion. That is a Fascist State...which is the only thing these guys understand.

***History will pass them by...thatīs a foregone conclusion...itīs just the amount of harm and damage they mean to do as they fade out that is of concern.

StarDrifter (Asshur)

-- pancho
-- signature .

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