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Posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Sunday, February 09, 2003 at 7:22PM :

"Paul Younan tells us that for the Assyrians to switch to Christ was no big thing...he says Christianity derived from Yahwism which came from Mesopotamia anyway...it wasn't "THAT" foreign to Assyrians. Well Islam came by the same route...also brought from the offspring of that same Abraham, so why should it be so damn odd that Assyrians would choose another religion as "familiar" as Christianity which was as "familiar" to them as Ashurism? "

Fred, there's nothing odd about the fact that the majority of Assyrians, once again, switched religions to Islam.

I agree that both Christianity and Islam are derived from Judaism, which by the way many Assyrians have traditionally practiced over 2,600 years now.

What's the point?

If your point is that our people switched religions, absolutely they did. There are Yezidees, Atheists, Ashurists, Darwinists and other religions among our people today, too.

People change. They switch religions. It's in their nature. Your complaints are solely directed at one singular grouping, your own. You are most critical of them (the Christians who are your ancestors for the last 2,000 years.)

I think that explains a whole lot.


-- Paul Younan
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