Christian Anti-war idea?

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, February 10, 2003 at 11:48PM :

A friend emailed this to me today: (note the sarcasm about the red commie bastards. She isn't stupid, she's joking)

"In the church paper this week, there was a letter about a campaign that Christian peoples are doing that I guess they did back when we were thinking about having a war with China (red, commie bastards that they were).

Anyway, you are supposed to take a cup of rice and put it in a ziplock bag, you let the air out of the bag, seal it, then write on a piece of paper some Bible verse about "feeding thine enemy" and a note to Bush telling him that we should feed the people of Iraq and not bomb them.

Supposedly this worked back in the 50's or whenever we wanted to go to war with China. Nobody ever said anything about it until later, but the legend is that when the President at that time was consulted about going to war, he always wanted to know how much rice he had received, and since he had so much rice, he didn't want to upset the people by going to war. If I remember, I'll bring the letter in. I don't think that it would have any effect on Dubya, but it couldn't hurt, either.

My mom did say that with all the terrorist scares and anthrax and everything, the government probably wouldn't open any mail that contained any "stuff" in it anyway. It costs a little over a dollar to send a cup of rice, by the way."

-- Jeff
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