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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 6:34PM :

In Reply to: And now what - except of "assyrian words& posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 6:16PM :

: +++ And now what - except of "assyrian incoherent, inflated words" ?

xxx Don't look now, but your stupidity is showing.

: +++ That's your only & real contribution to the world situation ?

xxx No, I actually DO things, besides post info on this forum & enjoy annoying the hell out of you occassionally. I attend teach-ins & talks about this & other social issues & read up on them as much as I can (learn, learn, learn), speak publicly or to individuals when it's necessary to say something, forward good alt. media articles to my friends to pass on, contact various people about questions I have regarding their articles, & protest publicly, among other things. I'm working on writing letters to the editor of local newspapers, but time is really hard to find for that, as my work & home life keep me really busy, as well, right now. Hence the decrease in my postings you've seen lately. However, I don't really think it's necessary for me to talk about these things. I don't want to pride myself for them - I'm not anyone's savior, & I don't want to be. I just think it's a citizen's duty to do these things here in the States, & that anyone, including me, who does these things is only being socially responsible. People who don't do these things are being negligent of the duties they should feel as citizens in a "democracy". Silence can kill, esp. right now. & I care a lot about the situation in Iraq, mostly because of my father's family, but I wonder how emotional I'd be about it or how much I would have learned about the corruption in my gov't if it had been another country - would I have been so focused? I'm only asking an honest, & somewhat uncomfortable, question. I think it's always a good thing for people to question themselves, because no one is perfect, & only by questioning oneself can one learn more about oneself.

xxx If you think that I'm finding a reason for political apathy, then you do not know me, & I'm a bit offended.

-- Sadie
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