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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 6:16PM :

In Reply to: Re: Ba'oota D'Ninwaye posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 8:16PM :

: Like I said before, every Assyrian BUT a Christian Assyrian is welcome here

***You can "say" whatever you want to...what does it have to do with me? If Andreas is welcome here, what pig with three eyes isnīt? Assyrians can be of any faith...but when they conspire with the followers of one faith against the homeland of the original Assyrians...then an Assyrian has every right and reason to question just where their interests really are. Jerusalem is your Holy Land...BetNahrain is just the place before Jesus. are intolerant and will only accept an Assyrian as an Assyrian if they happen to agree with you and your worldview.

***I am intolerant of intolerance. I was perfectly willing to be ignored by Nimrod...Jackie...Peter, Firas, beth, aina and the Ghassbag. I didnīt ask for followers or friends...I didnīt care how I was reviled, how many times I was banned and selectively many times the "rules" were instantly fabricated or altered to keep me remove my posts while every asshole with a megaphone was allowed to "answer" me in my absence.

***All I ever asked for was a chance to seek. And since when has this NOT led narrow minded and insecure people who barely know enough to play the part of parrots, to seek to smash the person who merely chooses to think? It was in reaction to the condescension and then the hostitlity of others that I became more insistant.

***When did I get "insulted" and stalk off in a huff?

***I didnīt expect or demand that people be "nice" and tolerant and polite...but then Iīm not Christian, not trying to appease or impress or "obey" anyone so Iīll get a present. I am an Assyrian, in the face of whatever opposition and rudeness you want to think of, Iīll continue to do the work that is required of Assyrians if we are to re-create a Heritage...outside the bounds of any religion, that can be there for our children.

***You are a Christian apologist...and they have a lot to apologize for.

In other words, you have turned into exactly the same type of person that you started off fighting against.

***And you have resorted to the same response when your pet ideas are challenged. I donīt know where you people learned to carry on lively and passionate discourse in the real world...not in the icy cloisters of a school or monastary. There is real work to be done in the real world, for which we have to be ready to face people who will be a lot more critical and rough on you than I ever will.

***When the struggle is over weīll have you over for tea and cookies.

: You're no different from the Christian Assyrians who say there is no such thing as Muslim Assyrians. You're no different at all.

***Not to you because you have been offended. Jews, Muslims and Christians will be offended at what I say, an Assyrian wonīt.

: This forum has degraded to a place where the only message is Christian bashing.

***And Iīd say your church has degenerated into a place of whoredoms and fornications done under the guise of Godīs work...sunk into a place that condones slavery and the opression of women...that wages war blissfully and eagerly, that gathers up profits and wealth and relies on people like you to overlook everything because there is a chance of being forgiven for it all and still getting into heaven.

***Iīm not the only one bashing Chistians, and they arenīt the only ones getting bashed. You are a Christian first...Iīm not one at all. The bashing you feel your church gets is nowhere near to the bashing its meted out to millions and millions of people in a reign of terror and bloodletting such as the world has seldom seen...though you prefer to keep your eyes focused only on that small "good" that it brings you personally...the rest of us see the entire thing for just what it is, the worldīs oldest corporation established by the worldīs greatest killing machine, the Roman Empire, which has tried mightilly to obscure truth and science...deny common decency to "pagans"īand heretics...murder people whose views it didnīt care for...and a host of horrors youīd think a sane parent would keep his darling babes safe from, rather than deliver them over to its depredations just because there is some good in it. Hitler was kind to children too...the right ones.

: You have no message anymore. I'm gone.

***Then you never had one. It amazes me what weak tea you Assyrian Christians are made of. Go to heaven...youīre just in the way down here.

***Best wishes to the wife and child.

-- pancho
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