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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 17, 2003 at 6:49PM :

Several years ago it became obvious that America´s interest in religion was rising. People were lost even before then...Hare Krishnas...Native American religions...Jesus Freaks...people were trying to find a quick and easy answer...a reward really...something that could give them "peace"...cause they didn´t know what to do with their demons and not everyone could afford a shrink. None of it worked, so everyone came "back to Jesus"...with a vengeance.

The same thing happened to believers of the other two...Islam and Judaism. I knew it meant trouble eventually...nothing good comes from a Revival...not for the other sides at least and not really for the "right" side. It´s just a huge fandangle and hornswaggle.

People are people...they are good and bad and neither and they´ve been that way since before these religions and any religions. The best in all of them is common decency...and no one has a corner on that. The rest of it, the ritual, the sacrifices, the pretty myths are all intended to make partizans and zealots of the children born into or shoved into or lost into them.

God is the excuse by which we kill each other...belief in his rightness and his having selected you makes you immune to pity, compassion or good sense because you feel you are doing God´s work for him...his special friend and agent...getting the dirty work done for Him...and he´ll reward you for it so where´s the harm?

Religions are dangerous...every one of them, but especially these sisters from hell. Look where we are...look where they´ve brought us. They´ll say it is the iniquity in us that brought us here, that without them we´d be worse off. No way in hell. We would be what we are...but we wouldn´t be using God to justify our murders...and that´s why religion has been popular...why it´s survived and received State support.

The good people like Paul and the rest would be good anyway...without religion they just wouldn´t be so damn full of sacharrine and be fit for lively discussions.

Kill God, before he gets you.

-- pancho
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