God Is Dead...or.....

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Posted by panchmaster from host-148-244-221-58.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 at 6:24PM :

...how many times do I have to be told that He LIVES!

When Sartre, John Proctor and others said, "God is dead"...people got up on their haunches and assumed all human kindness and decency must also die out. Far from it and just the opposite. In all cases when that sentiment has been echoed it was because in the name of a God humans were committing every indecency... in His name and under His guidance and in accordance with His wishes. Now the good people will tell you that isn't so...that god didn't ordain these things but cruel and wicked humans, acting in defiance to His real wishes, committed these crimes. However that may be, it was always a religious hierarchy and the political leaders and generals it supported who did these "un-godly" things. Why do you suppose gods have been so popular with generals and kings?

But what kind of doctor, even a Godly one, prescribes a medicine that leads to murderous insanity among 90% of its users, but keeps prescribing it because it benefits a few Pauls. Look what legions of jerks it's produced in a nation of Andreas'.

Do you seriously beleve that, once and once only, God spoke to a bunch of goatherds and sheepshitherders because of the "iniquity" in the land...to guide them to righteousness, so far had they strayed...and that since that time, 3000 years ago, he's been satisfied with what His people have been doing and hasn't seen the need to speak up? Was Israel, under the House of Saul or David or Jehu worse than Israel under the heel of Sharon? Does the Lord find nothing the Israelis are doing today objectionable? Is he not sorely tempted to have the waters rise again? Is Israel "good" in his eyes?

In even creating the state of Israel, man sinned...and not just politically, for who gave the United White Man Nations the right to create new countries over the graves of an existing one, dug with their help and to be rid of a problem of their own making? But more than that...man was not supposed to bring the Jews back to Zion...Yahweh was. To have done it themselves the Zionists broke Yahweh's promise at the outset...which could explain the reason it's taken so much bloodshed to bring their religion of "peace" to Palestine.

Obviously their god has forsaken them for they are more godforsaken in the things they do in His name than they ever were before. If they deserved chastising then, how much more do they merit a good drubbing today.

I've never believed the nonsense about the Jews controlling anything...not high finance, not the media, not politics...not anything. A good stroll through their unbelievably bloody treatment at the hands of Christians will convince you they were never masters of their fate...it was only their incredible resiliancy, their ability to rise from any crisis or defeat that makes them seem in control of anything. From their earliest days their prohets wisely seized upon the obvious...that tiny Israel would never be in a postition to challenge the larger empires surrounding them and that periodically they would be raided, overcome and played with at will.

To avoid feeling absolutely worthless they turned normal human psychology on its head and made defeat a sign of special, tender loving care by a Father who applied the rod to make better people of them. Every time they were carried off to captivity it was because they had been found less than worthy of the exalted position Yahweh intended for them...and a correctve was needed. Assyrian Christians are happy to have been of service in helping Yahweh bring his people along to the point where today they can kill Muslim and Christian indiscriminantly in BetNahrain...good work fellas. It would have been better to have refused the role of chastiser and let the miserbale rabble fall farther and farther away from the noble uses Yahweh would eventually put it to...like dismembering BetNahrain as puppet agents of the United States...the power behind their puny throne.

The United States power structure still despises Jews like the rRepublicans think Kneegrows are inferior. But you have to wipe shit with something...better something of little value...whose only true value is that it spares you getting your own hands dirty. Jews are walking right into a backlash such as they've never seen...and the rest of us are running down that same garden path convinced we're on our way to peace and salvation...only we forget the fine print...forget what has to happen right there in BetNahrain for this Biblical peace to come out. There has to be an all out war there, between the forces of Good and Evil...and they're all already talking in tose terms.

Paul would have been Paul no matter what... that religion won't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear can plainly be seen in a pig like Andreas to whom religion is merely a hanky to cover the big Prick he is...but for the majority God provides a ready excuse to kill each other...laying their crimes to their duty to "Him", to their love of "Him" and "His" people. Obviously if there was a god...and he had to be a "One God"...there would be only ONE God...and if you're going to maintain that all gods in existence today are merely manifestations of ONE GOD anyway...then why is He (it's always a "he") having "His" people kill each other?

And if you're going to maintain that it's people killing people and that they'd do it even if there wasn't a god...then what good is he really? If in all these millenia we haven't even gotten around to putting aside those cursed blood feuds left over from Biblical days...for which the entire earth has been paying...then what fucking good is He?

"He" isn't dead..."He" can't die...cause "He" never existed in the first place.

Go tell it on the mountain where BetNahrain used to be.

-- panchmaster
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