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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 at 7:10PM :

In a long article taken from the LA Times about Assyrians the usual dirge is played all about how we are loyal Americans...good Christians...donīt want to be Arabized...are eager to be Americanized and would someone please help us.

It ends in this statement...which is the heartsong of Christian Assyrians...whose only real concern and interest in the Assyrian name is that it will be the means by which they get a Christian enclave...since there is no precedent in history for granting anyone a religious "country". The person quoted letīs slip....

"Western Christians must show some interest in what's happening and help us out," said Shamiram Tabar, president of the Assyrian American Assn. of
Southern California. "Otherwise, sooner or later the Mideast won't have any Christians left whatsoever."

***And there you have the core of the "Assyrian" position...there wont be any CHRISTIANS left in the MidEast. Thatīs what all this disguising of themselves as Assyrians has been about for over 100 years. And in true Christian style, theyīd just as soon the whole place went up in smoke if it was going to be of the wrong religion...the hell with Assyrians AS Assyrians.

-- panchmaster
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