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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 6:30PM :

Speaking of's funny, you can take up the airwaves of an entire country and flog and push and promote religion all you want to, 24 hours a day, you can shove it into the pledge of allegence...shove it in the classroom, into the Congress, shove it in places it was never meant to fit comfortably...but be critical of it? Do you have "nothing better to do"? There isn't anything "better" to do than try to shed some light on this amazing con job and boondoggle that we STILL don't see...even when children's emaciated bodies lie gaunt and shrivelled before us. No...there isn't anything better in the world to do than save children from the mad mullahs in all these religions from hell. You want to forget all the child fucking...don't you? It was an aberration...wasn't it? And what women have had to endure and still do at the hands of these three sideshows of horror...another anomaly isn't it?

In Gordon and Rendsbergs book, and in several others I've read... (come to think of it they might well have all been written by realize there are 1000 times the Jew Assyriologists there are Assyrians? Who's more "proud" of...or interested in Assyrians?)... the authors have posited this strange opinion...that codes of laws, Hammurabi's being the most famous... were never intended to be followed by anyone. Judges didn't refer to them and neither did the people, they set no precedent whatsoever, so these people maintain, these "experts"...they were just "there".

That always struck me as odd. Why write them at all, why even formulate them and impose them on your communities and empire...why place them in a format of dire commands complete with punishments...carve them in stone...make them the "unified" code of your realm...if no one was expected to honor them? Why do we gather around them today in museums and gaze at them wonderingly...why do scholars, why do Jews, write about them,if they were meaningless even in their own day?

Then it struck me...of course...the Ten Commandments were taken from us...but they HAD to be obeyed...they were the "Word of God", the Hebrew god and Christian god so of course they were now binding. Of course they were flouted...that isn't the least them Hebrews were TRYING...and they always take credit for having tried even if you can't find a palace or temple worth spit today...they TRIED.

But look at us, look at us through Jew and Christian eyes...look at the Babylonians...the silly asses went to all the trouble to set down hundreds of laws they NEVER had any intention of they couldn't be bothered to do the right thing...even when THEY wrote it down themselves and put it where they could see...every day, that they weren't paying any attention to laws directing them towards civilized behavior. have to be a dyed in the wool, and the wool firmly covering your eyes... Christian first, before you can be a Christian Assyrian. You have to nod and say halleluja when you're told these things. If you were Assyrian you'd do what I did..."Say WHAT??? Are you shitting me or what..."lord" (?)"!

Come to think of it...the modern Muslim state of Iraq is far more respectful of the ancient Assyrians than any Christian Assyrians in the West. Even those of us who feel uncomfortable at the sight of all those dead children canīt help but pay to support this murderous policy. Nazis used to "test" to see how much starvation, cold and disease the human, even the human child, could endure...only they did it in the name of "science"...not political policy.

note: If I should all of a sudden disappear...or you hear I was gored by Jew Bull...don't believe it. If there was one thing all religions hated more than the heretic, it was the non-believer. I'm a threat to all of them...and I'm not the ony one. They each know how to bamboozle their own people when confronted by one who doesn't believe...or believes another way...believes in one of the other mad sisters. But ALL of them get out their knives and make common cause for the duration when they confront someone who doesn't buy any of it and who still won't knock down old ladies and steal their purses. How do you explain the person who won't perform a lobotomy on hisself...or in Jackie's case...who won't hand his own balls over...or her clit...but goes merrily along... thinks what he he will and gets away with it? Oh for a Holy Inquisition today, for some thumbscrews and an iron maiden or ten thousand (what do you suppose they have at Guantanamo but a religious detention center)...and don't kid yourselves, that's just exactly what they're planning on and have begun. If I do this right...some religious believer in the god of love and mercy is going to put a bullet in my head...from behind.

Actually...I'm the only one I know actively courting martyrdom...and not by taking a hike in the snow. Only I don't believe in martyrdom...I believe in murderers using god as their excuse to save themseles the necessity and challenge of being responsible human beans...just for the hell of it.

-- pancho
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