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Posted by Esperanza from ( on Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 1:14AM :

In Reply to: Re: And a proof to boot... posted by Alexander from ( on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 11:31PM :

Majority of Iraqi and U.S. citizens do not want the war but they are caught between two hard headed individuals without any common sense.

We are just caught between two hard headed regimes.

You were absolutely correct when you said Saddam Hussein and his regime issue is separate than Iraqi population. And I think the U.S. has taken that into the consideration and they know how sensitive christians/Muslims have become of the seriousness of the situation in Iraq.

The United States is at the verge of indecisivness and is not sure what is the best alternative now. They keep delaying their attacks and examining and re-thinking their options. And every day passes by, some brand new information surfaces. Including the love affair between both adminstrations during the 70's and 80's7

It was during this time that addam Hussien regime prosper and attacked Iran.

And addition, it was during the Iran-Iraq that the U.S. and other europeans supplied both parties with checmial and biological agents as well as other arsens to kill the other one. And Saddam practically sat at the U.S. lap more than any other nation in the world in those days in 70's and 80's.

The records are there for anybody who has a doubts.There is even a picture of Rumsfeld and Saddam during Regan adminstration that is circling around. And I remember Regan exchanged few gifts with Saddam including a gold plated Winchester and a pair of Cowboy boots gifts from the U.S. to Saddam.

I am telling you, we are just caught between two hard headed regimes and both must wise up and start listening to their citizens.

: It is true. They charactarise Iraq as Saddam Hussein. To be honest with you, when I deal with anything pertaining to Iraq, whether in the north or south or urban areas, the government never even crosses my mind. Sometimes I disassociate Iraq the counrty from Iraq the government. This happens because Iraq is not how people describe it here. Here, if you mention Iraq, it is Saddam they think of.

: When I hear the word Iraq, I normally think a number of different things, from Assyrians and green rolling hills to the north, and the watered south. Then come other thoughts like urban sceneries and vast steppe lands. I think of the inhabitants when I hear Iraq. It is a shame indeed that Iraq is demonised in this way.

: As far as Afghanistan is concerned, I have seen some beautiful scenery from there, although I have not been there. The Kuchi tribe there numbers roughly two million. They had nothing to do with the war on Afghanistan or the US or Taliban, or Al-Quaeda for that matter. What I think of Afghanistan when it is mentioned, I think of tall brown majestic mountains, the vast expanse of uninhabited land, the shrubbery by the river near some houses where there is a beautiful mountain range. I think of the green grass at the stadium in Kabul on top of which stand some Afghan military soldiers and bands, before a sport is to commence, I think of the people walking up and down the isles in the staidum. I remember the scenic videos of the passes going into Nuristani territory in Northwest Pakistan. The tall green mountains are just overwhelming. Yet, Americans only know:
: CNN breaking News- News you can count on...Aghan warlords have taken over...Taliban this, Taliban that, and nothing at all is mentioned about the real Afghanistan, the peaceful, soft Afghanistan, Kandahar and Kabul, both beautiful places.

: When some Western journalist does some "documentary" on Afghanistan, it shows only the poor side of things- of refugees caught between wars, of battle scenes between factions, of dirty suburban areas riddled with bullet holes. Why not show some segments of scenery, the ony scenery Americans ever see is the bombing of the mountains. Let them see something, they might even think it is beautiful, and start to think that Afghanistan is not about Osama bin Laden or Taliban.

: Anyway, what is to be done? We cannot open their eyes, they must open them for themselves.

: Shlame

-- Esperanza
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