Typical Judeo-Christian Bullshit

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, February 21, 2003 at 6:49PM :

Typical Israeli Bullshit

You know...if Saddam is the war-mongering, terror-exporting, danger-to-the-world tyrant/madman he is, how come he's done nothing over the last 12 years while his country has been chopped apart by foreigners, his people starved, his infrastructure destroyed, planes flying overhead at will...bombing and killing, international snoops demanding the right to look into his wife's closet without warning...and basiclly being laid bare and open to whatever the same peole who declared war on him years ago and killed hundreds of thousands of his people and have been raiding his treasury and doing as they please with his oil reserves all these years, feel like inflicting on the innocent people of Iraq...how come he hasn't fought back...declared war and the rest of it? Does this sound like an eager war-mongering, triger-happy despot? What MORE can you do to a "madman" before he'll go mad?

The United States was attacked ONE DAY and declared war on its own people...fought a war against dirt poor Afghanistan, has tried now for a year and more to parlay that into a war against Iraq...and has declared it will now go to war anywhere in the world it feels it needs to...lock up anyone indefinitely it feels threatened by...no questions answered...and anyone not supporting it is against it and you know what that could mean...as for the Brits, forget about it...no one laid a hand on them and they're behaving as if they were attacked as well...like they're SORRY no one blew up Parliament.

If you stop a foreign ship on the high seas it's an act of war...if a Vietnamese fishing boat carrying three hand made torpedoes "attacks" a US battleship carrying enough armor to sink Paris, it's an act of war...but what America and the Brits have been doing to Iraq is an act of peace??? Is NOT a provocation? This is how nations behave when they want to avoid war?...when they're trying to lead by example? And don't forget Israel which has been at war with Palestinian children for 40 years now...trying to find a "peaceful" solution in all that time.

I'd say Saddam's behavior has been exemplary...that he has braved all sorts of provocations that would have driven lesser men, like Bush and Blair, insane...that he has shown great restraint...unlike Jong of North Korea who's spoiling for a fight...sells missles to Arab nations, says he will develop a nuclear bomb and dares the US to come get him, even declares that any Iraq-style Sanctions will be cause for war, that he isn't about to sit on his hands while his people are slowly squeezed to death by the United States or anyone else. During Saddam's tenure he's fought two wars...both with weapons the US sold him, one in which the US was actively on "his" side...its own actually...the United States is never on anyone else's side...it was to weaken Iran and break them both that the US provided the fuel for that whole conflagration. Saddam's second "war" was his attack on Kuwait...a territory Iraq has claimed for years and has much more right to than the US ever had to Puerto Rico or Guantanamo. The other war he participated in was the slaughter of his own inferior forces...regardless of the hysteria in the American press about how Saddam had the "fourth largest" army in the world.

Perhaps if Saddam could he would attack his neighbors and even travel thousands of miles away from his own borders to kill millions of innocent people...like the United States did in Korea and Vietnam and all over Latin America, like it has done time and again...like the Brits did for centuries...maybe he'd be the tyrannical power these two countries have been and still are...but I doubt it. He is descended from the Assyrians after all.

Who're the war-mongering sons of bitches? Who's killed more innocent people around the world and among its neighbors and even among its own people...who has families living in packing crates under bridges...who has more people in poverty, more people with no health care, who has a deteriorating educational system, colleges whose tuition breakes families and puts students in debt for half their lives just to get a degree, who produces more weapons and tools for murder and who makes most of its income by selling these things, selling them to people who're supposed to do what with them...and who's the wealthiest nation on earth, Iraq?...Hardly.

Which brings me back to religion...cause that's where we are whether you like having your's offended or not, or the mad mullah or rabid rabbi object to having theirs hauled around the block. Lets cut the crap and give Life a chance. This is no longer a question of renegade priests and "bad apples"...these religious fanatics and bigots are in the majority and are serious about bringing on Armageddon and I'm not going to let them sugar-coat their shit anymore...or wait to turn a ruddy atomic glow contemplating how ten zillion "renegades" mattered more in the end than a handful of "good" and "true" people. A "real" Christian would dismantle the church and never again breathe a word about salvation and eternal rewards to anyone...not if he wanted his or her children to live out their natural lives here...let heaven go to hell and save your children NOW...here on earth.

According to Gordon and Rendsberg's book, "The Bible and the Ancient Near East", the prophet Isaiah and King Hezekiah were hated by more Hebrews than not, so when they buggered off, Hezekiah's son and heir, Manasseh, "...revived institutions that the biblical authors always regarded with abhorence (not that many people "wrote" the bible...and a whole lot of Hebrews back then didn't care for the sentiments expresed in it because it was centered around the cult in Jerusalem, leaving out many Hebrews who believed differently). Thus there re-appeared male and female sacred prostitution in the shrines, a usage that was widely practised in the surrounding countries (once again, every crime they commit was done by "everyone else"...but any virtue they had, they didn't pick up anywhere but originated it themselves...we should all write bibles). Manasseh's reactionary brand of religion was also expressed by his sacrificing his firstborn...(now you KNOW we Assyrians never did that sort of thing because the Jews would have pointed it out at once...that's why it's impossible that a religion that has human sacrifice and infanticide, including the murder of Jesus by his father, at its core cannot in any way have been "natural" or even close to the Assyrian way).

Aside from these dismal facts about the reign of Manasseh there isn't much else recorded about his long tenure..."Probably the facts are so few because very little happened in his peaceful reign(it seems only Hebrews kings were killing Jews). He represented a reaction against the spirit of resistance as well as the spirit of prophecy. He was throughout most of his reign, discreet enough to stage no revolts, to pay his tribute promptly, and to keep out of mischief as a vassal within the world empire of Assyria (his son should have been so lucky as to come under the protection of Assyria). His were days of economic prosperity and political tranquility, for after the suppression of Hezekiah's revolt of 701, Canaan enjoyed peace and trade under the Pax Assyriaca."

In other words it took an Assyrian to bring peace to the land of the Hebrews, who were busy killing each other, ripping open each other's wives' bellies and killing their own children. Can you imagine what they would have written about us if we'd done any of these abhorent acts that were "frowned on" by just a few literate Jews writing in the bible...who probably got their education in Egypt or Nineveh anyway.

One last "honest" appraisal of this Jew king..."The sacrifice of his son may have set a fashion that gave rise to the charge that his reign saw Jerusalem gorged from end to end with innocent blood.".....and the sons of bitches are STILL AT IT!!!

I'd say Manasseh learned to "sacrifice his own son" from his own god...from Yahwe, who tried mightily to have Issac and Ishmael sacrificed...but relented at the end. He didn't relent when it came to Jesus...he finally succeeded in having a child of his murdered (and somehow got you all singing his praises for it)...a "sacrifice so that others may live"...just what Manasseh was thinking. What is WRONG with you people!...Christianity, that religion of love and peace BEGINS with the murder of an innocent son...and is it any wonder that even today and since that time, the reign of the Hebrew Lord and His Son has shown us a, "Jerusalem gorged from end to end with innocent blood". THAT's your relgion of peace for you...and for the rest of us who by the millions have been collateral damage down through the ages. Are you all insane? Don't answer...of course you are because, "the more impossible to believe it gets...the more we know it MUST come from god."

Don't "wonder" why there is constant warfare, why there is no peace on earth...why even as we travel round the world and discover people are pretty much like us, our religious leaders seek to divide us and get us to fighting over these idiocies...it's how they've maintained their stranglehold for millenia, THEY don't mind the blood, remember...you even "get washed" in the blood of that innocent lamb...you "drink" his blood and "eat" his body...why the hell would you expect anything BUT constant rivers of innocent blood...

Kill God before he gets the rest of us. Kill God so that human decency has a chance to come out from under this antique butchery-as-love thing we picked up from a passle of envious, insecure, frightened people out in a holy land not worth spit...or else they will surely destroy the one real Holy Land that started us all on a much better road till we caved in and fell for the argument that since Humans were making a mess of it on earth (especially them Hebrews who were either getting killed and enslaved by somebody or doing it to themselves and each other)... let's all look forward to heaven were we'll get it right. This piece of tomfoolery has allowed the same diddlers and butchers who made the world a hell back then to carry on business at the old stand...and they've just about gotten to the point where they can have their ultimate food fight.

Kill God...he was only invented to allow you to be sacrificed to Him, to make you WANT to be sacrificed...to make you want to sacrifice the DEAREST thing you possessed, your children, including Jesus, and in our case, to willingly turn our backs on what was one of the most refined and humane civilizations ever, that has instead been presented as a nation of savages when it was the Hebrews who fit that description...

For the love or Humanity, for the sake of the animals and the water and air and mountains and trees...kill God. The Judeo/Christian/Muslim ethic is one of murder...murder at god's request. The "good" people on earth can do without any of

-- pancho
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