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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, February 21, 2003 at 7:10PM :

In Reply to: Re: And a proof to boot... posted by Alexander from ( on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 11:31PM :

Just remember that the Baath party came into being in the aftermath of the deposition of a British puppet government, like Blair´s come to think of it...followed by a series of inept "presidents"...all of them on the is no easy thing to run countries just coming out of Ottoman rule, especially when, unlike the West, the Ottomans allowed people of all faiths to live and follow their own beliefs so that the potential for the West, which conviently created "peace" by killing anyone who was different, to make mischief there is great.

They barely got the chance...Saddam was able to hold the people on one get rid of dissent because they couldn´t afford to be tripped up every time by the CIA and the rest...and with all of that he brought the greatest prosperity to Iraq since no one knows when... and at that in the midst of a land and oil grab by the Western Nations,...not a small accomplishment.

Had they been given the chance, and Iran and many more...those countries were in a far better position to create enviable lifestryles than this nuthouse of "freedom". Given time...which is exactly what the Christian West wasn´t going to give them. The final irony for America would have been that the oil wealth would have helped them A-rabs buy AT&T...Disneyland and anything else...and that´s just what they began doing before the Mullahs "mysteriously" captured Iran...they were set to divest their become more than oil producing juggernauts for the West...which is just what they´ve reduced Iraq to...and will do the same to Afghanistan.

Let the henchmen in power squander money on their palaces and girl friends and trips to London and New York...where they leave their money behind...that´s okay...but invest in schools...have health care for all...parks and waterways and culture...hell no...not them A-rabs.

We will wise up...we will because the same CEO´s who´ve robbed and diddled the American worker are now in politics...they now have the most powerful military ever in their corporate hands and are doing to others what they´ve been doing to their own people...they´ll go too far, they have already...and the reaction will set always has, it always will. Let´s just hope enough of us wise up and can see the next con job coming before we buy into a whole other cycle of rip offs and jingoism that will keep us muddled for another 50 years before it too goes belly up.

-- pancho
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