Whatever Happened to THE LOYAL OPPOSITION?

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, March 14, 2003 at 7:26PM :

What´s the matter with everybody...either you think like the Wonks do or else you aren´t "one of us". What is all this "Un-American bullshit"...since when do American all have to march in lock-step, goose-step? Being American MEANS taking all sides...hell we started out in rebellion and Revolution! The Founding Fathers took great care not to give us a "Tyranny of the Majority"...which is not the same thing as a Democracy. In a courtroom in northern Washington State I saw a poster that read..."You will know a society by how it treats the least among them".

Were we so off on the Vietnam War? Was it really necessary...today we trade with Vietnam...hell we could have hired each and every peasant for what we spent and saved 55,000 young Americans. Was our opposition to the war that out of line for Americans...for American democracy that we had to be beaten and jailed and told to leave the country? This is sounding more and more like Peter The Rabid and Firas "I Protest" Jatou and Hanna "Eat Me" Hajjar´s ideas of democracy. No wonder they´re as happy as pigs in shit.

You can´t wear T shirts? You have to change the name of food? Why this fanaticism...aha...thought you´d never ask...stay tuned, yoors trooly´s explanation of how the three sisters are behind all of this...and single ply toilet paper too...will be coming.

-- pancho
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