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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, March 15, 2003 at 6:34AM :

Assyrian & Iraqi Delegation's Letter to Dr. Condolezza Rice

The following is the full text of the letter submitted to Vice President Chaney and Dr. Rice after the 6 March meeting of the Assyrian & other Iraqi Representatives at the White House:

March 6, 2003

Dr. Condolezza Rice,
National Security Advisor
The White House

Dear Dr. Rice:

We are grateful for allowing us the opportunity to meet with you and share our views as Iraqi Americans regarding the liberation and future of Iraq. We are heartened by our President's commitment for a free, democratic, pluralistic and constitutional Iraq.

In the last 34 years the people of Iraq have suffered under the brutal, barbaric oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein and his organizations of terror. He committed genocide, ethnic and religious cleansing against millions. He used chemical, biological and the environment as weapons of mass destruction. In addition to his continuous war against the people inside and outside Iraq, his appetite for war and aggression extended to neighboring countries.

Those who are marching for peace and justice in the name of the Iraqi people are unwittingly supporting a totalitarian dictator who promotes terrorism. Instead they should be calling for the implementation of UN resolution 688. They have no clue what justice is and who has brought war, bloodshed and annihilation by weapons of mass destruction and wholesale devastation to Iraq and the region.

We, as Iraqi Americans support our President in his leadership of the world to liberate the people of Iraq. We believe this is crucial for the safety and security of the people of the United States, and in the best interest of the people of Iraq, the people of the region and the world.

We stand for:

1. Human rights and equality for every Iraqi irrespective of gender, ethnicity religion, political or personal beliefs.

2. Unity and territorial integrity of Iraq and no intervention or incursion from neighboring countries under any pretext.
3. Establishment of a democratic and constitutional Iraq that is based on the rule of law and organized under a federal framework.

4. An Iraqi transitional authority after the liberation.

5. An Iraq that is free from chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

6. An Iraq that is at peace with its neighbors.

7. An Iraq that is a catalyst for democracy, peace and prosperity in the region.
We call on the US and the coalition forces to make every effort to minimize civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure during the liberation of Iraq. We stand ready to help our government and the people of Iraq in the reconstruction and development of the new free Iraq.

Thank you again for this opportunity. Please extend our support and gratitude to President Bush as he leads the world for a moral just cause.


Muhammad Al-Jebori
Pakeza Alexander, President Kurdish Humanitarian Organization
Abdulali Alwishah, Attorney
Howra Al-Zudd, Student
Emad Dhia, Msc., MBA, Founder, Iraqi Forum for Democracy
Maha Hussain, M.D., President, Iraqi Forum for Democracy
Ramsey Jiddou, Ph.D.
Emanuel Kamber, Ph.D.
Sam Kareem
Imam Hassan Qazweni
Saman Shah, Ph.D., VP Kurdish National Congress of North America

-- andreas
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