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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 1:35PM :

(The third document isn't related to Iraq, so I won't share it)


Mr. President:

The significance of the United Nations is beyond any doubt. That is not what is being settled in this table. Nobody can seriously affirm that Humanity could do without the collective security system and International Law, under the conditions of an ever increasing unipolar, unjust and unsustainable world order and of a world economic crisis.

Paradoxically, some of the circumstances that led to a war, in which 50 million people died, including hundreds of thousands of US youths, seem to repeat.

President Fidel Castro declared last 6 March:
“Never before have all the nations of the world found themselves subjugated by the power and the whims of those who lead a superpower with seemingly unrestrained power, while no one has the slightest idea of their philosophy, their political ideas, their notions of ethics. Their decisions are practically impossible to predict or to challenge. Their strength and capacity to destroy and kill seem to permeate every statement they make. This logically leads to fear and restlessness in many state leaders, especially in view of the immense military power that accompanies the political, economic and technological power of those who will not stand to be disobeyed”.

“The dream of a world ruled by certain norms and of an organization that would represent the will and the desires of all of the peoples is quickly evaporating”.

“We the peoples of the United Nations”, as the Charter reads, are today that overwhelming majority of powerful and weak, developed and underdeveloped, large and small countries, from all latitudes and from both hemispheres. We are that powerful coalition of States and Nations, of political forces and ideologies, of cultures, ethnic and religions, of governments and civil society, which acquires awareness and rebels to defend peace, preserve the United Nations and halt, in a timely manner, this world dictatorship that threatens us all.

The early anti-warmongering mobilization and the rejection of the public opinion are unprecedented. All of us, who feel profound solidarity with the American people, admire its opposition to unilateral war, although the causes, the calculation of losses- including civilians- and the costs are being concealed from them.

A unilateral war, as the one that is announced, would have devastating consequences worldwide. It would be the end to democracy in international relations. It would cause inestimable harm to the economies of developing countries, jointly with terrible social effects, and would totally destabilize the Middle East.

The United Nations and the Security Council would suffer a lethal stroke that would annihilate their functions and prerogatives as guarantors for international peace and security. It would put their existence in jeopardy and leave all the States, with no exception, under the unpredictable hazards of a universal tyranny and at the mercy of new “pre-emptive wars”.

Mr. President:

A war against Iraq would be unjust and totally unnecessary. These months of debate, meticulous inspections by UNMOVIC and IAEA, which have been putting aside, alleged evidences and discrediting accusations, the unquestionable cooperation of Iraq and the disarmament actions it carries out in compliance with the resolutions of the Security Council, have proved that there is no believable threat nor any risk to the national security of the United States. We know it is not, in any way, an act of legitimate defense, but a predatory war.

It is now announced, with astounding cruelty, the use of new weapons and an unprecedented intensity of the bombing. It is declared that the magnitude of civilian losses is incalculable and its terrible humanitarian consequences are disguised.

The path to the full implementation of the relevant resolutions of the Security Council is the preservation of peace, cooperation and the good faith of the parties to clear any doubt on the possession of weapons of mass destruction, the continuation of the work of UNMOVIC and IAEA and a comprehensive settlement on the question of Iraq, including the lifting of the sanctions which guarantees regional stability and full respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and the political independence of Iraq, Kuwait and all the countries in the region.

The Non-Aligned Movement Summit held in Kuala Lumpur, loyal to its foundational principles, has made a broad scope and applicable statement.

A unilateral attack against Iraq would constitute, as declared by the UN Secretary General, a violation of the Charter. It would be an act of aggression.

Mr. President:

The draft resolution being discussed is a declaration of war. Its objective is to deceive the public opinion. Its contents and deadlines are unimplementable. No matter if it is disguised with new benchmarks, or the ultimatum is postponed for some days, it will be essentially the same.

The opposition to war and the defense of the Charter and the United Nations by the majority of the members of the Security Council, including three of the Permanent Members, is commendable. Facing the pressures of the empire, they have the almost unanimous support of the Member States, of the international public opinion and of their own peoples.

No harm could be more serious or of worse consequences than a renunciation, nor would it make more irrelevant the Security Council.

The veto, used so much in an indiscriminate and illegitimate way, despite its anachronic and antidemocratic nature, would be, in this case, justified by the exceptional circumstances we live in. An infinite cynicism would be required to criticize it.

The Non- Permanent Members have now a special opportunity to make their own voices heard, as sovereign and equal nations that rely on the enormous legitimacy of our votes. We have elected them precisely for moments like these. They know they act on our behalf, that we know the risks and challenges they face and they have our full support. The Non- Aligned Caucus counts also on the solidarity of the whole Movement.

Under any circumstance, before the omission of the Security Council in the true and legitimate fulfillment of its mandate, the General Assembly should exercise, in emergency, all the authority and power granted by the Charter for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Thank you very much

-- Jeff
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