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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 2:17PM :

In Reply to: Way to go, Jackie Bejan! posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, March 17, 2003 at 11:21PM :

Friggin bitch! Figures...she isnīt choosy whose ass she kisses...I ought to know!

Like a war now will give any Christians anything worthwhile in the United States and Britain have a policy imprinted on their foreheads..."No Matter What...KILL NO CHRISTIANS"! Like theyīve never made dirty war on Christians who stood in their you can kiss enough ass to win "pride" for your Grat Nayshun.

If anything could indicate any more clearly how they all, use the Christians of Iraq to feather their own matter how big the ass...this should settle it...would you back this putz, Bush, up in anything? Would you invest in any business venture of his...they all having failed miserably?

This is a handful of oil businessmen using their contacts and calling in all that they are owed to comandeer the United States government and military forces and the young bodies of men and women to increase their profits.

American military might has ALWAYS been in the service of American Industry...thatīs nothing new...but before this there was at least the pretense of a buffer...of "Statesmen" and career professionals who at least knew how to wangdangle something...but now the businessmen do without the lawyers and Wilson or Roosevelt or itīs Trent Lott and his Extermination Business and a passle of failed businessmen and super successful ones seizing power...buying it actually because they deserve all the "free speech" their money can buy.

All Western governments...all governments, have been in the theft business...Bush is just making his play in broad daylight.

Maybe disgust will overcome apathy...maybe unemployment will...but if this thing stands...can you imagine what ELSE will become acceptable?

-- pancho
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