Days of Infamy

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 2:58PM :

And so Hitler started a trend...look what happened to him...they got rid of him and today Germany wants negotiations...and its America that rushes headlong into a bullying war.

What a Black Day for it´s become nothing more than a gaggles of corporations who practically enslave workers with nowhere else to turn, then hold them hostage as they send thier children off to war...for profit, just for profit.

Truman started it in Korea...Eisenhower warned us about it...warned us about corporations heavily bottom lined in war and war production...who will encourage and provoke their politicians to creatre wars with weaker...much weaker countries...and do you know where the profit comes from...other than the oil in this instance, which was a comes from the United States Treasury...from your taxes...paid out to these same corporations to protect you...from them really...Korea, Guatemala, Iraq...they were NEVER any real threat to us...more Americans are killed by American businessess each year than have ever been killed by terrorists or anyone else in the last 50 years...unless of course in Vietnam where they were sent to die...well you knew many would...while the corporations still raided the Treasury.

Fortunes have been made already...judges installed...laws added or changed, heads of commissions in place...even if Bush left office yesterday...their agenda has been met well enough...this time out...they´ll have their day again...just as soon as we all forget what they did this time.

This is a war against America waged by American Capitalism...Lenin said...a Capitalist will supply the rope for his own hanging...if he can make a buck on it.

America is building the gallows one forced it to...America was a shining example to the rest of the world...even those hurt and atacked by it still felt a pang of good feelings because they focused on the ideals...not the reality. Our image is being tarnished and wounded by Americans...we are being atacked by Americans...Saddam, the Taliban...even disenfranchised workers and proles were all created as a result of deliberate unquenchable desire for just one more billion dollars.

America could ONLY self-destruct...left to the hands of people who truly cared for was as close to invincible as any nation ever was because it had the most humanitarian ideals and the best goddamned system of government ever devised...but people are people...and a democracy is only as good as the REAL level of education among its people.

A sad day.

-- pancho
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