Hitler and the United Nations

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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-71-52.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, March 21, 2003 at 10:50AM :

Ever wonder what would have happened had there been a UN or had the League of Nations survived the United States veto back in say 1933? Would Hitler have paid any attention to a lack of support from a UN? Had we been able to enforce such a rule back then...how many lives...how much history and treasure and property would have been saved...how many future confrontations might have been eliminated...especially if the rule had been established that the nations of the world have the best vested interest in peace on earth?

What will come of this new lightning war brought to us by the United States...what will it unleash? Remember...the rationale used for dropping the atom bombs on civillian populations was in order to "save American lives". Itīs been done once, twice, already...and we were the only ones then with that capabillity. Can we really afford to remain silent...to obey whomever seizes power today and then ignores all rule of law to go its own way, driven by the economic, short range needs of a passle of businessmen in the oil bidness, could the Iraqi people?...isnīt it supposed to be our duty to care for this earth and for all the things in it and on it that could make our lives pleasant...when was the last time someone just wanted to have a pleasant life? Is that so much to ask for?

We kept silent before...and Bush seized the government...and we got 9/11 and now this. It doesnīt matter at all that Iraq will be "liberated"...like it didnīt matter that the Sudentenland was liberated, they all died later....what mattered was that lawlessness was enshrined...was placed on high and venerated just because it won a few quick and easy victories. This war against Iraq may "liberate" it in some trivial way...but the path has been cleared to enslave others...starting with Americans...who will now have to brace up for increased "attacks" against their precious selves and their "way of life", which is becomming increasingly a way of death...a way that has come to mean death and lawlessness and unrelenting violence for countless and increasing numbers of people.

Whoever wins in Iraq...the American people are losing more and more every day of what it could have meant to be an American.

-- pancho
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