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Posted by Daz from ( on Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 6:03AM :

Wow, its a true relief that this War is happening. Its about time, America and Israel showed the world, whose the boss. Protestors and ruthless anti-war cults like "Direct Action to Stop War" still continue their pointless demonstrations in the United States, as FBI and Police Department shoot brilliant tear gass and rubber bullets at them.
Its funny to see how so many countries and millions of people have gathered to stand against this War, and they still CANT do NOTHING ABOUT IT. Especially how some of the people huff and puff and stomp their feet, and then in the end, they still dont get anywhere.

MY only advice: Take a cold shower. Cause there is nothing stopping the Most powerful people on the planet.

Its also funny, how so many countries have gone against America and Israel, and especially against this War on Iraq. Majority of the Arab world, France, Russia, Germany, Greece have much hatred towards America and Israel.

Have you guys seen the size of the United States and Israel? All these powerful countries like Russia, France, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, and Iraq combined are 20000 billion times bigger than America and Israel, and they STILL CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT America and Israel.LOOL.

Look at the MIGHT and STRENGTH of America and Israel. America and Israel are like an ANT compared to the rest of the world. Jews and Americans are like ants compared to Arabs, Turks, French, Russians, Germans, Palestinians. And STILL, they cant do anything. God is always with the Jews and Americans.

Protestors and anti-war cults have been spreading massive propaganda about how there are thousands of quote "INNOCENT" Iraqi people in Iraq. They are so "innocent", that they are Anti-semitic, and that they support Palestine and Terrorism. Saddamster said it himself, "Long live Palestine, and Long live Jihad."

The current Iraqi people are so innocent, that they know how to hate on Jews ever since they are 10 years old. Innocence? Nope, only NONSENSE.

Saddamster, too bad, the Palestinians, Iraqis, and the Arab world have been, are, and will always be bombarded by America and Israel.

Even if you open your mouth and say one word against Israel and America, you will regret it and face massive destruction, just like right now. All it takes is one word or one Jew or one American murdered, Bombs will rock the Arab world, destroying everything in sight. I hope countries are learning their lesson from this War.

Osama Bin Laden tried to shut down the United States by taking down the twin towers, but Failed to destroy the United States and Israel.

He doesnt even realize that his roach people are in the 200 BILLIONS, and American and Jews only mount to couple of billions. But still can't stop Israel and America.

Clearing showing that again, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Terrorists, Anti-Americans and Anti-Semites have FAILED once more.

God Bless America, Israel, and all of the American troops in Iraq.

-- Daz
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