Dear FBI

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Posted by IraqiPancho from ( on Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 11:48AM :

I know you have never been overly scrupulous about obeying the nationīs laws...except for when you couldnīt bring yourselves to read Moussauiīs computer for fear of violating his rights and those bvuildinmg blew up, "SURPRISE!"...I will be travelling back to the United States from Mexico in a few weeks to confront someone you SHOULD be investigating...this woman, Jacklin Bejan, was adamantly opposed to any sort of humanitarian aid to Iraq until she met a really BIG Iraqi...a whacky rabi from Iraqi, to be exact. After that...after shifting his lever to reverse from neutral...while going nowhere but up and down...she became passionate about Iraq and sent money to fund two child care you could kill the children more conveniently...your bombs not being all that smart after all.

Anyway...this woman might just decide to throw in her lot, bra, girdle and pads in with some other evil if you want to investigate someone...take HER! We sure as hell donīt need her...give her to the Armenians...sheīll do less damage there and they know exactly what kind of work she should be doing...ahem.

As for me...I came to the United States in 1953...left for three years and have been here since 1958. I am a United States citizen and proud of it...though I am dreadfully ashamed of un-Americans like George Bush...who also wasnīt elected...these thugs all come from somewhere. I am loyal and true blue...I am not an idiot however...I said I was an AMERICAN...and real Americans know shit from presidents...and arenīt afraid to speak out...what do you guys think this is...the Soviet Union???

Anyway...I know Babe Ruth played linebacker for the Harlem Globetrotters...and Martha Stewart was to be in Deep Throat but was too you can see Iīm no stranger to American Culture...wherever it is.

Iīll be passing through the immigration gate at Dallas Airport...donīt shoot! Iīll tell you what you want to know...that the Cradle of Civilization is being bombed, its people having been treated worse than any other group of unoffending people in history...that Saddam was as much the Iraqi choice as Bush was the American one...that America has made a serious mistake, I believe...and that if Iīm mistaken about any of wonīt shoot...I hope.

At least allow me to confront that Armenian trollop...THEN shoot me.


Fred Conect-The-Dots Parhad

-- IraqiPancho
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