Liberation Lies

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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 6:53PM :

Iraq is being attacked and invaded...not liberated.

The Iraqi people have been pounded to mush for years now by first a puppet of the United Staes, then by the United States Sanctions...then for the second time...after the people have been rendered desperate, by the same United States Military.

A terrible precedent has been set...Nazi Germany too was "liberating" Austria...then the Sudetenland Germans, then Alsace and Lorraine, then Checkoslovakia, then Poland...they would have liberated London too, as they liberated Paris and the Japanese were busy at the other end liberating Hawaii and Manilla and Guam and on and on.

This kind of arrogance NEVER goes unopunished...the trouble is the same powerless frightened people who pay the price now.,..will pay the price then...the rich just get richer so that at least until we all go to hell...they live and die and burn in STYLE!

Donīt agree to your own stupification...donīt help rape your own mind...youīre old enough not to believe priests and presidents...think straight or forever hold someone elseīs dick for him.

-- pancho
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