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Posted by iraqi pancho from ( on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 6:52PM :

...if you respect it, you donīt want to see it from the orifice of this president...FLUSH BUSH FROM YOUR TUSH!

Screw the vote, the ballot, the adding machines that "tabulate" your meaningless with bucks. The internet allows people around the world to band together and really make an impact...BOYCOTT...scares the shit out of them...fuck the vote...they made it meaningless and thought to control the game that way...NEVER play by the rules...ALWAYS seek to modify them first...or else weīd still be eating our grandmothers raw.

An international, coordinated boycott.

Ya gotta understand their own to use their weaknessess againt good trying to outspend them come election time...theyīve got that one figured out.

But every corporation, no mater how rich...HAS to make more and more and more money...itīs the game THEY play...THEY set up...THEY control.

Even a company that makes fifty million a year canīt afford to drop one million. Often, just like stores at Christmastime...that last million is the profit for the whole year, itīs "make or break"...or the quarter. Without just one million more, serious damage can be done to even the richest company...especially in time.

And how easy it is...again, you use their own so called "prowess" against them...theyīve got so many kinds of soft drinks you can do without one or two of them...itīs the only REAL power we have...itīs direct, it hits where it hurts.

They can trot out one Tweedledee after another Tweedledum FOREVER...and burn us out in the process....but hit their PROFITS...the thing they live and KILL FOR???

Theyīll be jelly...what can they do? Lay you off?

And it would be fun too, to watch the numbers drop, the income dip...while the numbers of people joining in this direct and democratic system of voting grows.

They said Greece was a true democracy because everyone had a voice...white males with property that is...and that hasnīt changed. But they werenīt counting on Capitalism and its need to constantly grow and watch its bottom line grow bigger and bigger forever, like a tumor does.

Well...there is an antidote and it is FUN...Life has to be FUN again...and itīs fun to be empowered...not according to THEIR rules...but to those of the people who are without power today...and there are a lot more of us than there are of them...and kids can join too...scare the mouse turds out of Minnie Mouse!

"Carpe Diem"...seize the internet by the balls and donīt let go! (Loose Latin translation from the Sumerian.)

-- iraqi pancho
-- signature .

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